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Aimee Montgomery is a passionate entrepreneur coach. Her successes in Amazon FBA and in nurturing her six-figure businesses compelled her to educate people on the art of business. To that end, she often travels, holding workshops, conferences and attending events where she imparts her knowledge to hungry audiences. To reach more people, she became a published author and engaged with her 70,00 listeners on her podcast, and her growing social media.

From transcending dyslexia to surviving a car accident, Aimee’s illustrious career has not been without hurdles. The accident left her unable to walk for eight years. Undaunted, she entered the Body For Life Challenge, beating a whopping 54 million entries, where she remarkably went from size 13 to 4 in a mere 2 months and gaining ten pounds of muscle. She achieved this extraordinary feat while using the arm that doctors said she could not. Such is her spirit; defiant, unrelenting, and passionate.

Born in a typical middle-class family, she was empowered by her father’s guidance and instruction, who raised her up in Tony Robbins philosophy of peak performance, achievement, and business, at a tender age. Aimee founded her first nonprofit corporation in 2008. She then went further, establishing a network marketing business that swiftly grew into a six-figure business. She went on to build a business on Amazon and see great success in coaching entrepreneurs in online business and peak performance.

Aimee has a lot of experience under her belt. She was a Management Consultant for seven years at Deloitte. Displaying her business nous at Fortune 500, she managed to grow accounts from $3,000 in annual revenue to an outstanding $50 million. She is a Certified Industry Practitioner, having accumulated over 18,000 hours of valuable project experience in the Telecom, Technology, Media, Consumer Business, and Industrial Products industries.

She is currently writing her fourth book where she explores the lives of her most successful relatives, such as William Randolph Hearst, Warren Buffett, Jimmy Doolittle,The British Royal Family, and The House of Bourbon, delving into their particular success traits, applying them to her life and sharing how these same traits can change anyone’s life.

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