Aimee Montgomery is a passionate entrepreneur coach. Her successes in Amazon FBA and in nurturing her six-figure businesses compelled her to educate people on the art of business. To that end, she often travels, holding workshops, conferences and attending events where she imparts her knowledge to hungry audiences. To reach more people, she became a published author and engaged with her 70,00 listeners on her podcast, and her growing social media.

From transcending dyslexia to surviving a car accident, Aimee’s illustrious career has not been without hurdles. The accident left her unable to walk for eight years. Undaunted, she entered the Body For Life Challenge, beating a whopping 54 million entries, where she remarkably went from size 13 to 4 in a mere 2 months and gaining ten pounds of muscle. She achieved this extraordinary feat while using the arm that doctors said she could not. Such is her spirit; defiant, unrelenting, and passionate.

Born in a typical middle-class family, she was empowered by her father’s guidance and instruction, who raised her up in Tony Robbins philosophy of peak performance, achievement, and business, at a tender age. Aimee founded her first nonprofit corporation in 2008. She then went further, establishing a network marketing business that swiftly grew into a six-figure business. She went on to build a business on Amazon and see great success in coaching entrepreneurs in online business and peak performance.

Aimee has a lot of experience under her belt. She was a Management Consultant for seven years at Deloitte. Displaying her business nous at Fortune 500, she managed to grow accounts from $3,000 in annual revenue to an outstanding $50 million. She is a Certified Industry Practitioner, having accumulated over 18,000 hours of valuable project experience in the Telecom, Technology, Media, Consumer Business, and Industrial Products industries.

She is currently writing her fourth book where she explores the lives of her most successful relatives, such as William Randolph Hearst, Warren Buffett, Jimmy Doolittle,The British Royal Family, and The House of Bourbon, delving into their particular success traits, applying them to her life and sharing how these same traits can change anyone’s life.


The Peak Performance Project

In this 4 Week One-on-One Mentoring Program, you’ll be guided in creating a productive, happy life with a compelling future.

We will evaluate where you currently are at, what is working for you and against you. Then we will design your daily routine to facilitate the highest performance possible. You will be empowered with a daily routine that will set your mental and emotional state for every day, that will allow you to live in a state of happiness on a consistent basis.

If you’re an individual that’s ready to stop living in what is impossible and are ready to start doing the impossible, the Peak Performance Project will give you the step-by-step process, confidence and motivation you need to take your life and business to the next level.

The Online Transformation Project

If you’re ready to harness the power of online marketing, social media and other online platforms to launch your business to a new level as a coach, consultant, professional services business, or business owner then the Online Transformation Project will show you how!

In this 4 Week intensive coaching program, Aimee shares her most powerful techniques including how to turn your website into a lead generation machine, how to expand your brick and mortar store online without having to pay for advertising, grow your YouTube Channel and other social media platforms and create a community of consistent, faithful clients.

She shows you how to create your own online marketing campaign, automate your business and equips you with her exact ads, emails, and secrets to help you flood your business with new clients and become a go-to thought-leader in your industry.

Six Figures In Six Months

You’ve spent hours, days, and even months searching for products for a private label to sell through Amazon FBA but you haven’t started yet. Why?​

  • Because you don’t know what you don’t know
  • You’re not sure what strategy you should use 
  • Will the product even sell? 
  • Are you getting product ideas the right way?
  • How can you justify spending a lot of money on something you don’t truly know has a chance at being successful?
  • You have heard of others losing money in the process of creating a private label on Amazon and you just don’t want to take those chances.
  • What about making sure your store isn’t shut down because you made a mistake?

You are confident that if you had the right strategies that you could really win at a private label, because you have seen those that have succeeded at it and this could really be a breakthrough in your life!

Introducing my Amazon Private Label Program…

My program removes the overwhelm by giving you a step by step process to follow, it teaches you how to innovate products so you aren’t just selling what everyone else is,  and it takes you step by step through the product launch process helping you to create marketing strategies to beat the competition and get sales without giving your product away for free. And best of all, as your coach, I am there with you providing group and one on one coaching, to answer your questions and see you through the process…so you will never be alone.

Retail Arbitrage Made Easy

  • Want To Turn $10 Into $10,000?
  • Do You Want To Work From The Comfort Of Your Home?
  • Want To Know What Products Are Guaranteed To Sell And Where To Find Them?
  • ​Do You Want To Make Money FAST?​
  • Tired Of Your 9-5, Ready To Work For Yourself?
  • Want To Make Money To Fuel Your Dreams?
  • Want To Pay Off Your Debt?

I know what it’s like! You watch a ton of YouTube videos that look super easy, but when you start to try and find things to sell it seems impossible. When you finally find things to sell it seems everyone is selling the same thing and competing for sales. Then you find out that the people you have been listening to haven’t been honest. You wonder what you are doing wrong! Why aren’t you making the money everyone else seems to be? I can show you how to turn $10 into $10,000. 

After a ton of frustration I was able to make my first $3,000 in six months and I also tried to sell a lot of things along the way that didn’t sell! I learned the hard way and was able to turn my business into a resource to fund my dreams! Now it’s your turn! 

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