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Aimee Montgomery is a passionate entrepreneur coach. Her successes in Amazon FBA and in nurturing her six-figure businesses compelled her to educate people on the art of business. To that end, she often travels, holding workshops, conferences and attending events where she imparts her knowledge to hungry audiences. To reach more people, she became a published author and engaged with her 70,00 listeners on her podcast, and her growing social media.


I know what it is like to spend a huge part of your life focused on one specific career, you have skills and you achieved a certain level of success in life but deep down you know you are made for more.

You have a life-time of experience but now you dream of building the business of your dreams and creating an amazing life you dreamt about with the power of the online world.

I teach practical skills on how to on Amazon FBA, how to sell products online, how to get clients online, and grow an online business in general as well as helping you break through limiting mindsets to be able to create the life and business of your dreams.

If you are starting over and looking for a new beginning, welcome to the Midlife Millionaires Club!!! Here at A Call To Thrive, we all believe that it is never too late to build your dreams. 

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