Aimee Montgomery is a Life & Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, Author and Peak Performance Life Coach
A Call To Thrive LLC




Why Get Coaching?

Many of us have a desire to be part of something greater than ourselves giving in some way to what matters, to make a mark on this earth and to experience personal success, but might need a bit of guidance and set on the right track.

"I find the best strategies in life and business and create a recipe for your success!" - Aimee

With experience in helping others find and fulfill their purpose, succeed in building an online business, write their first book, or build their dream charity, Aimee has developed the reputation as a trendsetter, creative visionary, results oriented, and successful entrepreneur. She prefers breakthrough to incremental innovation, which means you will experience instant results through her programs. Her ability to reformulate products, processes, and business models is a distinct advantage that will help take your business and life to the next level. She possesses strength in intellect and inventiveness and can see opportunities where others see only threats. She is a change agent and implement's change with determination so that you see success


Aimee's Story

Aimee learned from a young age how to live a life of peak performance in all areas from her father who was in sales and sold life coaching programs for Tony Robbins.  This made establishing her vision, dreams, and goals as a teenager and accomplishing every single dream she set out to accomplish her norm, and she learned emotional resiliency as a way of life.

She has 24 years of experience working in the business world, including six years for one of the "Big 4" Firms serving top Fortune 500 clients by finding their greatest needs and providing solutions. She is a certified industry expert in Telecom, Media, Technology, Consumer Business, and Industrial Products. She has received training and has had hands on experience in the areas of B2B strategic relationship management, innovation, marketing, account management, personal branding and mentoring and mobilizing leadership. Working along side graduates of Harvard, Yale and the like she has learned from the best in a hands on environment doing business and learning how the best fulfill their fullest potential.

She has established four businesses, including one nonprofit and grew one business to six figures in yearly sales.

She holds a BS Degree in Professional Development, with a minor in Counseling Psychology

In 2008, Aimee established a nonprofit focusing on spiritual life coaching, wrote her first book and launched an internet radio show that grew to a listener base of about 70,683 listeners around the world. Through her nonprofit, she has been able to provide value to individuals on discovering their purpose, regaining hope after great loss, and fulfilling their dreams. She can provide this type of support to others because in 2000 she was in a really bad car accident that left her left arm shattered, car keys went through her right knee, and her head hit the windshield. As a result, the doctors said she would never use her arm again, she had short term brain damage and would often pass out from the pain of her back. She fought back by entering her first fitness challenge and gained 10 lbs of muscle in 2 months, and went from a size 12 to a size 4. Today Aimee's arm is perfectly fully healed, aside from containing a lot of metal, and after about eight years she was finally able to walk without pain.  She understands what it takes to overcome.

To help people find their purpose, fulfill their dreams and specifically to empower entrepreneurs, A Call To Thrive, was born in 2016. Aimee continues to provide one-on-one coaching and speaks in meetings and conferences. She also focuses on providing valuable online content through YouTube, her blog, and articles for publications to help people fulfill their full potential.

As a result, many lives have already been changed and transformed. See testimonies below.







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