Are you an emotional eater?

pexels-photo-132694-largeAre you an emotional eater? I certainly would have raised my hand a few months ago and agreed whole heartedly. I would eat food for entertainment, when I was happy, when I was sad. If there was an emotion I was eating something. It is amazing that I have kept in pretty good shape through the years until I came to Texas and discovered butter.

The thing about being an emotional eater is that with every emotion you eat you re-experience it when you lose the weight.

If you watch my YouTube video’s you know that I made a huge paradigm shift in my health. Realizing that I had some health issues from taking too many antibiotics (8 at once through IV) I had to make a huge decision, a life decision of changing my diet. It’s not that I ate that poorly before but I now had to eliminate anything that turned to sugar when I ate it in order to regain my health.

It has been a full two months now of eating only fresh living food every day, excluding vegetables that are starchy and no condiments as all of them have some form of sugar in them. The first month it was painful and I ate the same thing every day just to get through. But month two I finally started to find recipes and new ways of making healthy meals, allowing me to make it a lifestyle.

My health has improved in a massive way. I used to have allergies, in fact, I was so allergic to grass I carried an epi-pen with me. But the allergy is now gone. It is quite possible my allergy to flowers is gone too. I used to take allergy medication and I’ve stopped.  I have a ton more energy now, I can go home and at 9PM hit the gym like I used to when I was younger. I actually wake up better in the morning. I used to suffer from sinus infections on a regular basis but not anymore.

My immune system has repaired in a big way and my metabolism is sky high. I can eat nonstop and I still lose weight. I am the same weight I was when I entered my first fitness challenge.

I still have a long way to go in healing myself because I didn’t get to this place overnight. I am just grateful I was able to identify it and actually repair my system.

When it comes to emotional eating the first month I would emotionally eat salad. It somehow didn’t do the trick when it had no carbs or fruit in it. Then I got addicted to Facebook and a video game on my phone as an outlet. This proved not to be productive. So I had to find new ways of dealing with my emotions. This was a breakthrough moment for me because at first I was miserable and I think at least one of my friends can testify of how I was ranting about something daily.

Finally, I started to be able to identify an emotion, why I was feeling it and either change the emotion or deal with it on the spot. (This has been a progression, not overnight) When you are stressed out the last thing you want to do is calm down and go work out or talk yourself out of the stress. No you want to eat a pizza (at least I did).

But now I find myself giving the same “coaching” talks I do to others. Asking myself questions around the facts of a situation. When you look at facts and not allow yourself to get overwhelmed with what if’s it’s amazing how fast you can calm yourself down.

I have always felt music is a great way to express feelings as well and I have often used that outlet to put myself into a better place. Laughter also does wonders and I try to laugh at something daily.

I am probably the healthiest I have been in a super long time but now not just physically, also emotionally. And I hope that some of you reading this are inspired to make an improvement in your own health. It's easy to put everything else and everyone else before your own health!

Will I ever go back to eating sugar again? That is a good question. Almost daily I dream of the day I can eat pizza again, sometimes I think I can smell it in the office. But the fact is that I have seen now how eating habits contributed to hurting my health and I don’t want to be in the same situation again.

Maybe I will cheat once or twice in my future but my day of eating food at potlucks, eating fast food and stopping for dessert I think are long gone. I just don’t enjoy them as much as I enjoy my new found health, even though it has been a difficult process.

I once heard it said that a treat is not a treat if you have it every day. I think you can enjoy “treats” you love more if you don’t have them every day or every week. I am grateful today even as I continue to work on getting better every day. It is not easy, but not counting on food for an emotional crutch has proven to be an amazing source of freedom and being in touch with myself.

It is so easy to take your health for granted until something happens. I would tell you before I ate really healthy, and I did, but I didn’t realize how much food I ate was turning to sugar when I ate it. I suppose I am one of those extremely healthy people I always feared would remove pizza from my life. But let’s just get one thing straight…the “treats” are staying.


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