Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs

brick-wall-breakthroughHave you ever felt frustrated that you never quite seem to get to the place where you are able to obtain what you desire out of your life? Maybe you hoped for something but it just seems as if it’s never quite within your reach? Or maybe you start but then the voices of others criticism stops you in your tracks?

When it comes to anything in life that we wish we could have or obtain, I believe one of the number one obstacles we face is our own limiting beliefs. It is the excuses we tell ourselves as to why we can’t do it, why we can’t have that, and why we just will never be that.

I think that sometimes even our own values can limit us if they are taken to such an extreme as to block every good thing out. You see this when someone has been hurt in a relationship and then they make a decision that everyone is going to hurt them. So they put a wall around them to protect themselves but all the while they also keep love out.

You also see this when someone experiences failure in business or in achieving any goal or dream. Instead of taking what they learned and then moving forward with greater wisdom, they will make an all-encompassing decision that “they can’t do it” and thus give up on their dreams. Any successful person knows and understands that failure is what creates success…if you take it as a lesson.

So how can we start to break through our limiting beliefs?

1. The first step is identifying what you are telling yourself that is holding you back. What do you run through your mind about that one area on a daily basis?

Chances are if you have a limiting belief about something, your thought patterns will be focusing upon why you can’t do something versus what you can do. You will be looking at what you don’t see as possible rather than what is possible.


2. Once you identify your limiting thoughts then it is time to change them from why you can’t, to thoughts about why you can. Begin to change your thought patterns to “I can” speech, or “I am speech”. This will enable you to begin to break through the barriers.

If we focus on our limitations, even if somewhat realistic, then they will become larger than life and we will not break through. When we change our thought patterns to why we can do something and search out the hope we are more likely to find a way because we begin to see the possibilities we couldn't previously.


3. Next I think it is important if you have experienced failure in an area to write down what it is that you learned.

When we are able to identify what we learned from something then we can use it to grow and trust ourselves to make a better decision the next time. It is almost a magical exercise when suddenly you have on paper what you know from experience because it can serve as a very powerful foolproof tool that launches you to greater heights, with an arsenal of wisdom in your hands. You are more in control of what won’t be repeated in your life.


4. Ignore those that criticize you for changing. There will always be others that feel challenged by your actions when you choose to do something differently. It is our human nature to examine ourselves and what we are doing when someone close to us begins to change, especially if we aren’t secure in what we are doing.

The positive side of this is that we can often be a person that encourages new growth in others. We can rub off on them to help them get their own breakthrough. But there will also be those that will never agree with what we do and we just have to ignore those opinions.

I remember when I started to write my first book. I worked on it every day during my two hour commute and those that were on the bus with me would tell me they didn’t believe I was actually writing a book. Then later when I published the book and they saw it at Barnes and Noble they began to ask me how to write a book themselves. What seemed impossible turned into possible.

Sometimes we are afraid of stepping out to do something because we don’t want to fail or we don’t want to make the wrong decision. But better than that is moving forward accepting that learning is part of the process and better yet learning to trust yourself to make good decisions is liberating. Instead of building a castle of walls around yourself to protect you from wrong things, become a wise person that recognizes when the wrong things rear their heads and make choices accordingly.

Make 2016 the year you choose to break through limitations and watch how you begin to do what you never thought was possible. It is quite possible your breakthrough will even liberate others around you and set some of them free.


I posted this video last week. I think it has amazing lyrics for those who may feel like they are ready to shine like never before. Let what you have inside come out for all to see! In fact, take a moment and just listen to the lyrics without getting distracted by the video!



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