Focus Is A Virtue

6996208-nature-scene-1As some of you know I have been on a mini stay-cation this week and going into next as well. I have had time to focus on my health, get in shape and take time to sort through what I want in my life, where I want to focus in my business etc.

At the very end of 2013 I moved to Texas with a new beginning in mind. The journey has been incredible and amazingly unforgiving. It’s the unforgiveness I am most thankful for because it has forced me to activate my talents and become better at what I do.

One of the things I have realized during this time is that I am far more passionate about life coaching than I am about just helping people increase their income. I am more interested in human dynamics in business than I am business itself. I am more passionate about helping people find their path in life than I am just helping people grow a business.

That is not to say that I don’t enjoy the businesses I currently run and working in that dimension, because that continues to be part of my daily life. I am always coming up with new ideas and establishing new streams of income and helping organizations succeed. However, I have decided that I am not passionate enough about it to have it be the main focus of what I do in my own business and actually feel like I am living my passion. In fact, if I were to leave the business world I think the only thing that would bring me greater satisfaction would be life coaching.

Some of the things I have realized that I want to focus more on and provide more content around happen to be much more meaningful topics to me personally. These topics are around things like overcoming overwhelming loss, finding your identity, finding your purpose, breaking through limitations, time management, breaking desires for unhealthy things, increasing the experience and enjoyment of your daily life and more.

I think that sometimes if we are able to grasp things such as who we are and how to interact in this world, how to find fulfillment, how to eliminate stress and get in touch with what you really want the more you can then move toward creating greater wealth. Because how many understand that wealth doesn’t solve problems, it only magnifies who you already are? So if someone becomes wealthy but doesn’t deal with “stuff” they remain stuck.

I think that if I focus more on these aspects it will help me to better define who I want to reach. If there is one thing that I am good at, that is life coaching and it just happens to be a passion.

So look for a little less about business (although I don’t plan on eliminating it entirely) and more on life coaching. Because at the end of the day, that is where my greater passion remains. And if there is one thing I have learned it is that just because you have knowledge in many areas, doesn’t mean you need to share them all. I want to become pinpoint focused on what I offer you and this is just yet another great step in that direction. I probably did not have to share this with anyone, I could just shift my content. However, I feel like I have built some friendships with many who read my blog and so I felt to share my journey with you.

I don't want to completely eliminate aspects of business coaching because from time to time I may feel there is great value in sharing something in this area and it is important. However, when you give yourself too much content to provide you fight overwhelm and I feel the need to downsize my options.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! And thanks for reading my blog!

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