Free Falling

Many times we can feel limited, without energy and unable to thrive where we currently are in life. When in this state I have heard many people say that if you can just motivate yourself and keep believing that this is the key to producing what you want in life. While I agree we should never give up on our dreams I believe there is a greater need that is trying to get noticed when we find ourselves in a rut.

When you feel “stuck” in life it is almost always because you are choosing a belief that is limiting to you. This is not a belief system that is between what is right and wrong but what is working for us and what is not. Some of my biggest breakthroughs in my own life have been when I have been able to successfully eliminate a limiting belief.

For example, after the car accident I was in I had no muscle in my arm and inside it two plates and fifteen pins and screws. I had gained weight because I had a bulging disk in my back and I found I couldn’t run like I used to. So I would get depressed and miserable feeling stuck. But then one day I ran across someone that had something I needed to hear. He challenged me to enter a fitness challenge. He challenged me to transform myself in three months and if I didn’t I might as well go build an ant farm (because that was the most boring thing he could think of). “If you don’t do it today, when are you going to?”

I knew he was right and the first thing I had to do was eliminate all of the excuses in my head as to why I couldn’t do it. I had already tried to run in a pool and do things less impactful on my back that didn’t work. But I had to get past the idea “I tried this before and it didn’t work”. One by one I eliminated my excuses and then I entered the fitness challenge. The result is that I went from a size 13 to 4 in two months and I gained 10 lbs of muscle. I didn’t just get into shape, I got my life back. Not only did I eliminate the limiting thoughts I had inflicted upon myself, but I then proved to myself that those thoughts had been lies I bought into.

If we can change our mindset and allow ourselves to challenge our limiting beliefs we can create breakthrough in any area of our lives. Sometimes our own mindsets are the most difficult to overcome because we believed them initially for a reason.

What limiting beliefs have you held onto in life that has kept you from being or doing what you wish you could? A shift in mindset is the key that unlocks change. This is when we shift from being followers to leaders in our own lives.

One of my favorite songs I used to sing with a roommate when we had defining moments similar to this was the song, “Free Falling” by Tom Petty. Sure the song focused upon his relationships but for us we were “Free Falling” in our own lives singing that chorus. I can still remember her fake guitar and my fake drum sticks as we rocked out while jumping on the bed. Sometimes we just need to take that opportunity to Free Fall into something better. Turn up the stereo and jump around like nobodies business! Be free

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