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Have you been considering hiring a coach?

Private one on one Coaching with Aimee is an intensive, high level coaching experience designed to help an individual maximize their potential and take their levels of success (both personally or professionally) beyond what they’ve ever experienced in the past.

Through this coaching program I help entrepreneurs grow their business and personal life through implementing proven strategies for sustained high performance, sales mastery, client retention and team building.

In the last decade, Aimee has personally coached over 100 individuals to achieve new levels of success and fulfillment. Leveraging Aimee’s background growing her own businesses to six figures, seven years B2B account management experience serving Fortune 50 clients, published author, International Keynote Speaker, one of the world’s top Success Coaches, Aimee’s proven track record includes helping clients to:


• Significantly increase their income

• Become a top performer in their field

• Start a business

• How to develop charisma and influence!

• CEO/Entrepreneur Training

• Lose weight, improve health and increase energy

• And much, much more


Free 30 Minute Double Your Business Strategy Session

What you get from this session:

  • Written positive outcomes for your business
  • A new awareness of the challenges you face (they may not be what you think!)
  • A renewed sense of energy about turning your business around
  • Action plan of moving your business into the next phase of success


What you can expect during the session:
In this strategy session you're going to share with me a lot about where you’ve come from in your business. What some of your successes have been and challenges. Then we are going to talk about your greatest strengths and how you can use those to your best advantage in your business.  We will identify your top three goals and we will strategize how to achieve those goals quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.  Then I am going to share with you some ways you can increase your business in the future that you probably haven’t ever thought of yet.


Do you really want to look back at wonder if you could have been more successful? Find out what could be holding you back and break through today!
I can already tell that because you’re here, the difference between you and “other people” is that just doing or being “okay” is not acceptable to you. You are already looking for ways to reach your true potential, to achieve your greatest goals, and to live the life of your wildest dreams!



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