Harness Your Emotions To Succeed

Our mindset is so important in our lives if we are to achieve everything we are called to achieve and be all we are to be to those around us. We can’t allow our feelings to control us yet the majority of people find themselves victim to their own daily emotions.

Emotions can quite frankly cause you to be miserable in your life and choosing what to believe is truth is critical.

Have you ever looked at a goal or a dream and thought, “Well I hope it happens”? Do you notice how defeating that type of thought is? Just test it for a moment right now. Think of something you want in your life, that you dream of and just hope it happens. Notice how you feel when you just “hope”.  It is defeating isn’t it?

Now take a moment and think of the same thing but this time with expectancy, knowing it will happen. Notice how you feel.  You will be full of happiness and excitement or maybe even feel just happy.

Look how easy it was for you to choose which emotion and which state of mind you were approaching your thoughts? With just a change of perspective to a positive outlook you can completely change how you feel and in the long term it will determine if you ever see that thing come to pass.

Many people will choose to live in the negative mindset and it will sap their energy, make them feel even more defeated and they will not see change. But those few that choose to live in expectation of what is to come, they are prepared for that thing they believe it will happen, they are much happier every day as they get closer to it and they see it fulfilled.

This truth can be applied to every area of our lives and when we are aware of our emotions and why we are feeling them we can easily change them.

Our feelings come because of the meaning we are attaching to something, the meaning we give it. Often times those feelings come from wrong thinking and wrong assumptions that happen subconsciously. So becoming aware as to why you are coming to the conclusion that you are will empower to you put truth into that area and begin to live in truth instead of negativity.

Recently in my own life I have lost a lot of people on my social media because instead of ministering in the prophetic I have been trying to get people to step into their God-given purpose. I don’t give a scripture and verse for everything I am saying and that bothers some I suppose. For a while it was bothering me until I took a moment and looked at the thousands of people who support me and follow what I do every day. Those who have started to follow me and are both supportive of my faith and supportive of what I do now. My emotions shifted from “Wow one more person doesn’t like what I am doing” to “Wow look at the thousands of people who love what I do”.

At any time in life we can look at the glass as half empty or half full. The important thing is to stay in the positive because the negative will only force you to stop what you are doing and halt your progress. Emotions are tough because they will determine your destiny, but they are also easily controlled. Choose to expect today that whatever it is you are believing for is happening! Expect the impossible and see it manifest.

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