Have you ever wondered what your calling or purpose is?

Have you ever wondered what your calling or purpose is? I think that the majority struggle with this topic and it is no wonder because of the amount of incorrect information we are given to finding the real answer.

What I have heard over and over again from well-meaning people are things like, “What are you passionate about?” or “What makes you angry, that you want to change in the world?” But the truth is if you think about your life, how many times have you been passionate about something and then the feeling fades? Or you realize that really wasn’t what you thought it would be…it sounded good when you initially went after it.

Then we have those that are being taught, “Serve someone else’s dream until you know what yours is”. Again this is a well-meaning statement but taken the wrong way you could send people into a cycle of going around the mountain until someone hands them their dreams. In some cases you will even find people who have wasted years of their lives “serving” and completely bitter inside because they expected one day their serving would earn them something other than serving.

Let me propose to you a new way of looking at your purpose in this life and how I think some of this information can be utilized properly because these statements are not entirely wrong.

We are all born with a gift. Your gift is what your good at that comes naturally to you. It is not to be confused with your talents. Talents are things you can learn. For example, I am an artist and I can paint some great oil paintings but that is not my gift. In fact, I would even go so far to say that the famous painters in the world did not possess a gift for painting, it was a talent.

So many people get caught up in their talents because it is often what they get paid for. Talents can be developed and learned. Gifts cannot be learned, they can only be developed. This is not to say that some people are not better at talents than others, this is certainly true…but for the sake of discovering your purpose talents are not the answer.

Often it helps to think back to when you were a child, what you were good at. Sometimes your gift can be blaringly obvious other times not so much. When I was a child I was always gathering all of the kids on the block to fulfill some sort of vision. One time it was an exercise group and I had all the kids exercising every day. Other times it was digging a massive hole in the ground so we could live like Bugs Bunny. My visions were not always successful…but I was certainly an entrepreneur and I had a gift to see not just potential in what could be accomplished but the potential in individuals and call it out.

For me as I grew so did my gift and when I was a teenager I would spend hours upon hours on the phone life coaching my friends in their lives.  From helping them fulfill their dreams to coaching them through relationships. The light house showing the way to go…

But what is important is once you know what your gift is, to then make sure that you put your gift into the correct vehicle or place of growth. Then once you grow in that area or that level it is time to choose a new vehicle or place to grow your gift. Some call this reinventing yourself, I call it expanding your gift to another level.

People that are successful understand and know what their gift is and they have learned to develop it in the right way, using the right path to do so. And they don’t stay in one place their entire life. Once they grow out the space they are in they will move into a new place to occupy.

When you know what your gift is and you put it into the right vehicle then you will experience passion in your life. When you serve doing something that grows your individual gift then you grow as an individual and can continue to grow into your purpose. This is when some of these other pieces of advice I believe can be useful.

Do you wonder what your gift is? How you should implement this into your life? Maybe you know what your gift is but feel like you are no longer growing where you are at. Even those that know their gift and know the right way to walk in it may be wondering how they can insure they will succeed.

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