How To Overcome Fear

In the process of walking out our life’s purpose, pursuing our dreams or going after anything that has value to us we will often experience fear. In fact, for many it is easy to allow fear to stop them from moving forward at all. Some can even blame “God” and say, “God doesn’t want me to do this” when in reality it is their own fear limiting them, not God. God by the way never leads us with fear.

So today I wanted to give you a few ways to overcome fear:

Trust Yourself Instead of Creating Walls

Sometimes we can have a bad experience in life which will cause us to put walls up to protect us. Maybe we made a decision that wasn’t wise, we didn’t see something we should have and as a result we had to walk through something unpleasant. Many people then decide they cannot trust their own judgment because they made a mistake. But what is better is to write out what you learned from that situation and what you would have done differently if you had known what you do now. Then going forward you can learn from your experience and trust yourself to make a wise decision. Putting walls up or creating rules to try to keep you from making a bad decision will actually keep good options out too.


Walk Into Fear

Usually when we have a fear of something it is based upon our assumptions or false evidence. Simply by walking head on into that fear we can often diffuse the situation. This doesn’t have to happen overnight, but by taking small steps in the right direction we can overcome. An example might be to learn more skills in that particular area, taking a small step of filling out an application or just starting a project. The majority of the time fear is just based upon what we have known in the past and we need to create new experiences and new memories in order to realize a different outcome.


Realize Mistakes Are Part of Learning

If you are afraid of making a wrong decision realize that making mistakes is part of life and part of learning. Making a wrong decision can produce painful results but what I worse is never making a decision and having them made for you because you’re afraid. If we make a mistake in life we can always change our decisions and create a better result while learning in the process.
No matter who you are there will be times in your life when you have to make difficult decisions that may be fearful. But what is exciting is that the more decisions you make, the more successful you will be in life IF you choose to learn from your mistakes. Success is not an end goal, it is a process and sometimes it is a daily decision, or a life decision. Either way, never be afraid to take a chance.

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