How To Transform Yourself

Have you ever found it difficult to implement into your life what you have learned? It’s easy to sit and listen to someone speak, take notes, read their book, and then walk away unchanged. But the reason we listen to others is so that we can grow and we don’t grow unless we implement what we learn. So I want to give you a few things I have learned from others that have helped me personally:

  • Take Massive Action – One of the things I was taught from a young age is that when you make a decision that you are committed to doing something the best thing you can do is take at least one step of massive action immediately that will produce results. So if I read a book or listened to a speaker and learned a new skill I want to implement in my life, I would immediately take massive action towards that new concept. An example of this recently is I decided I needed to make more friends. So I instantly took massive action and filled up my social calendar with a variety of events where I would meet a variety of new people. I didn't wait for a month to get myself out the door, I didn't sit and think about it, I just did it right away. This instantly produced 5 new friends in my life in one week.
  • Measure Your Results – If you create massive action but don’t get the results you want adjust your strategy. If I were to go out and meet all the wrong kind of friends, for example, it is possible the activities I was choosing were activities that were not attracting the right type of people I wanted to meet. We have to be purposeful in our actions, not just shoot at everything.
  • Repeat Your Learning – If you decide your committed to learning something it is good to take notes, listen to someone speak, or read a book. But take it to the next level and repeat the information over and over until what you want to learn is second nature or at least is stamped in your mind.

Here are a few tricks I have learned when it comes to remembering information. First of all when I take notes, I do not write down everything someone says. Instead I write down what speaks to me personally. Then I reread those notes to myself every single day that week. I take massive action on at least one or more of those items. But I don't do everything in my notes, just one or two things. Then the following week repeat.

When it comes to listening…in our day and age there is no excuse not to have a replay of something. Most speakers record what they say and there are enough audio books out there to build a gigantic library. So I will listen to the same message over and over for literally months. Each time I glean something new I didn't hear before or didn't catch, then I will again apply massive action to that one thing. In fact, when I first moved to Texas and had to create my own income without being “employed” by someone I listened to the same message for an entire year, every single day that motivated me to succeed that day. I needed the information and I needed it to be part of who I was, not just what I knew.

When it comes to reading, I might outline in the book but what I found is that if I did that I would then be drawn back to those same things the next time I read it. Then I would often miss what I didn't see before. So I will take notes outside of the book, repeat those until I grasp them and then reread the book. I will go back to that book until it is memorized if it is something I want to implement or that I have successfully incorporated massive action in all necessary areas over a long period of time.

  • Assess Your Progress – Any time I learn something new and commit to implementing it in my life and go through this process I will then assess my progress. I will ask myself:
    • Is it second nature yet?
    • Do I have to think in order to make it happen?
    • Is it part of my routine?
    • Has it become part of who I am?
    • What do I need to relearn?
    • What have I accomplished so far?
  • Motivate Yourself – It is important to keep yourself motivated and I think that what many people miss is that you cannot do this on your own. One of my shortcomings is that I am very impressionable but I use this for my own advantage. I know that if I listen to someone it will impact me so if I need to be motivated I listen to motivation. It can come in the form of music, a person speaking or a book. No matter what the format I fill my life with motivation to push myself when I need that extra push. Even if you are not as easily impressed upon, find what motivates you and use it deliberately whenever you need that extra push.

I hope that some of this strategy to grow has helped you to really think about how you can transform your life. From just listening to others who know a lot to becoming what you desire. It takes commitment but you can transform your life. One day at a time, one decision at a time, one newly learned skill at a time. Doing this daily by the end of a year you can be a completely transformed person in the areas you desire. Creating massive action that produces the results you want can be motivational in of itself. But remember for some your "massive" action may be as simple as committing to the gym. It doesn't have to be rocket science - you just need to be committed.


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