I am going to die. Eventually

The last few days I have been doing a lot of listening from other “experts” on how I should grow my business. It has been amazingly overwhelming because I have been faced with questions I don’t believe I have the answers to yet and being asked if I should “narrow my niche” even more. So I am taking it to my blog in hopes that you will give me the feed back I am looking for!

Starting out I have had a passion to help people find their purpose, do the impossible and give them practical strategic solutions in life and business. Adding to this the bonus that I understand and know how to harness emotions for success and I thought surely I can establish a great coaching program to launch people into doing amazing things! I started with one webinar and began to measure my success!

Have you ever walked through the process of narrowing your niche? Here are some great questions to ask yourself:

  • What specific problem can you solve within your niche?
  • What can you offer that sets you apart from those doing something similar?
  • What can you replicate and reproduce for others?

I began to ask myself, what do people need? What do they really need beyond what I think they need? You can’t just ask yourself what you have need of and it’s not enough to assume everyone has the needs you think they might. Then I was asked, “What one thing do you do that you could replicate?”

What I began to realize is that maybe my niche really is all about how to do the impossible, solve the problems and pioneering innovation.  I have a life-long reputation of doing what others say won’t work and passing with flying colors. Like when I wrote my first book and found others who wrote books asking me for advice because mine were actually selling and nobody had heard of me, and then still when I started publishing books in one weekend "how I did that". Or when I started a podcast in 2008 and I was told it would never work…70,683 listeners later…I broke the mold and now it's "the thing to do". Or when I was the only single woman in the church I knew of that even started a nonprofit ministry and attempted to do ministry, when women (especially single) are not supposed to do that and I was told "you will go no where in ministry unless you marry a minister because you are a woman." I like to think that I was far more successful in 20 plus years of ministry than most people expected.

I began to think about the fact my brand is really about going against the main stream of life in general and breaking all of the rules and succeeding anyway. When I started working for Deloitte I started as an administrative assistant and then after three months was promoted to a consultant. I knew nothing about Consulting and when I asked what the expectations were I was told, “There are none, because they will change daily, you will succeed or fail.” I am sure the man that said that to me expected I would fail but he didn’t account for how innovative I am because I succeeded very well for six long years. I didn't even have a job title or description, except: come to work and create value - you move up or your out. I suppose that is something not everyone can do. So I ask myself, how can I pass that success on to you?

So I have a passion to help people to do the impossible like I have been able to do in my own life. To stay ahead of the trends and jump in and succeed with innovation and creativity. Do what everyone else isn't doing and give the solutions that just a very small demographic of "pioneer" types out there look for.

I actually would love to provide you with some of what I call my "duck tape" ideas that have allowed me to jump through all the red tape and rules. And I think that if you are someone who likes to break all the rules and do what they say you cannot, we may end up being great friends.

I did continue to read some of the advice one of these "experts" was giving and he had a big long blog on how to start a podcast. I couldn't believe the list of things he had and 90% I had never even heard of and they just sounded to me like a gadget guy went shopping. Having my own podcast for six years I used a computer and telephone and I was perfectly successful. That would have been my blog on the topic. Succeed with three tools: phone, computer, audacity.  I didn't even learn how to put my podcast into iTunes because the platform I used did that for me. So I suppose MAYBE some of these "experts" make things just too hard. In fact, I did so well Deloitte began to promote my podcast throughout the nation and I had one of the partners (that advised the US Administration for a living by the way) asked me why the firm wasn't having me do a podcast for them. He even offered to suggest it to leadership if I wanted to jump into doing it! One of my coworkers who specialized in voice overs had done my intro and outro and she made my show sound amazing!

So maybe it is more about stepping out and giving value and listening to what everyone's needs are over time...finding the easy solution and solving those problems quickly...not waiting to know absolutely everything before you start (That particular guy that wrote about podcasts has a nice one now but while I was already two years into mine he was still researching, I thought that was pretty funny).

I am going to die. Eventually. And I do need to pass what I know on to someone and I do want to make my ding on this universe. If we all spend our lives spending too much time trying to play by all of the rules nobody is going to get anything done. So welcome to my narrowed niche: Awaken To Your Potential: how to do the impossible, be a pioneer and surpass your competition and all those who say it cannot be done with innovation! 

So send me your "impossible" situations in life and business and I will give you answers.

  • How to's on anything!
  • Faster ways of doing things
  • Cheaper ways of doing things without compromising quality
  • How to start your next organization
  • How to have that amazing website without knowing a thing about websites
  • How to publish a book and it be amazing
  • How to pretend your good at it and bring the awesome sauce!
  • How to make money fast! Like right now!
  • How to increase your income over time
  • Anything else you can think of!

Together we will pioneer and do what they said we couldn't!  Watch for many solutions and resources coming your way!


Maybe just maybe we can do the impossible and I am certainly up to the challenge.


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