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I have a confession to make…

CONFESSLEARNING NEW THINGS CAN OFTEN DISTRACT YOU FROM PROVIDING WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW.  I remember when I decided I was going to offer two things in coaching…I wanted to help people fulfill their dreams, find what those dreams are and help entrepreneurs succeed. Overall helping people to leave their best lives. Well even though I am a wealth of knowledge I found myself afraid....afraid of what I didn't know.

Sure I have focused much on peak performance, creating a daily life that is fulfilling and going after your dreams but when it comes to business… I haven’t done that much due to fear of the online platforms.

Have I stood before a Chief Executive Officer, listened to his pain points and provided the solution? Absolutely. Have I written oral presentations and proposals worth up to $50M for B2B business? Absolutely. Have I researched decision makers I didn’t know, created bios on them and built a strategic relationship strategy to build the relationships needed? Absolutely. Have I single handedly developed client service plans for Fortune 50 clients? Yes. Do I understand first hand various Fortune 500 business cultures, how they do business and how they don’t and taught that to others? Yes again. Do I know how to get B2B sales leads? Of course. Have I had someone look at me and say “I am meeting with Mark Parker, Bernie Pliska of NIKE, tell me what their needs are, what problems they have and how we can solve them”. Yes.  Have I had an entire team depend on me to tell them what Jeff Bezos strategy was, the vision for Amazon and how we could meet his needs? Yes. Have I been asked to help sell to Paul Allen of Vulcan? Yes. Have I run large C-Suite Networking events for the best to build relationships while providing them great value? Absolutely and I could do that again tomorrow.

But as I stepped out into building my own coaching business I found myself looking at other people with businesses online I saw on social media and getting really afraid of all the online tools. Why? Because I started out knowing very little about online business building. Sure I have built my own business to six figures in sales (in person meeting real people face to face or cold calling), sure I built a nonprofit which made an impact on many lives (in person, public speaking and traveling). Sure I have written a few books and was a podcast host for six years…but I wouldn’t say I am the guru of online businesses.

The good news is the last year I have learned A LOT in the process of having to create it myself! And in some things I have actually become a master at for that reason. I have learned how to grow YouTube and I manage a few channels for a TV Network that has 3.5 billion viewers for that reasonl. I have had former peers in consulting tell me I should consult on social media because getting over a thousand subscribers on YouTube is an achievement. I have had to learn about click funnels, landing pages, pages that squeeze you and video production. It has been quite a ride for me and at times I have felt absolutely lost. I wish I was rich and could just pay people to do it all for me, but I have been forced to learn.

So as I have been fearfully forcing myself to learn all these online platforms I have been a little bit shy to launch what I know and the value I can bring around building businesses, innovation and the like because it gives me anxiety to think I could be using the wrong tool. Let’s get real here. If I had a group of executives in a room and they asked me how they should be positioning themselves online in 2017 I could answer them very easily….but using the tools - that my friends has been trial and error. At one point I just started to hire people to do stuff for me, but I still have to make the decisions of what tools to use.

So with all of this said I wanted to just point at the elephant in the room and tell you that I do actually have some value to bring you in the area of business but I have been distracted. But what I also decided to do now is just address this big elephant by bringing you along on my journey. That is right! When I learn a new tool I am going to share said tool because there has got to be a zillion people out there like myself. And my greatest value is NOT online marketing it is building businesses in more conventional ways.  Sure I have the skills of a web developer, Xcode programmer and I know a little bit of SQL, C++ and the like but those are tools you build and create. At least I am techy!

So this is my confession and I am hoping that I can now bring you along in my journey without feeling ashamed that I am still learning. I don’t need to be an expert in everything!

But have no fear, if a television network with over 3.5 billion viewers can trust me with their YouTube Channel I have clearly begun to pass the test! And I promise to work diligently to provide more value around business development.

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