Here you will find a collection of industry news taken from various sources as well as Aimee's own professional industry trend insight. Understanding how to navigate through changing industries staying up to date on leading white papers, studies and knowledge is imperative. So why try to find industry trends on the internet yourself...come here and look for the latest!

Aimee’s Industry Update

Aimee is a certified industry practitioner for Telecom, Media, Technology, Consumer Business and Industrial Product’s which she obtained through her seven years at Deloitte. Certification required over 18,000 hours of client project hours serving Fortune 500 companies in each industry along with educational training. Below are videos of updates she provided the beginning of 2017.


2017 Industry Trends
Technology, Media and Telecom

2017 Industry Trends
Consumer Business

As a Deloitte Alumni I feel confident in sharing the industry content that comes from some of their top leading industry experts. Below are items I find might be the most useful to you.


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Some of My Top  Recommendations are:

  • Demystifying cyber insurance coverage
  • US Tax Reform: Policy Impact For Chinese Investors
  • US Tax Reform: State Tax Implications



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