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Have you ever wanted to be in really good shape but have struggled with how to do it? Why is it so easy to get out of shape and why does it seem to be so difficult for many?

Well today I want to talk to you about my journey and invite you to be part of my current journey! I have found that 99% of getting in shape and staying in shape has to do with managing your emotions and allowing yourself to deal with emotions rather than eat emotions. We also have to mentally get over our excuses as to why we don’t want to do it and create a specific tangible plan to do that will not fail if followed.

Many of you may know that I was in a terrible car accident February 29, 2000. As a result, I had to have surgery to reconstruct my left arm, of which they said I would never use again (I now actually do have full use of it), car keys went through my right knee, completely twisted my core up, my tail bone, had a bulging disk, head hit the windshield so had a head injury. This was the time in my life when I had to make a decision about my health, it was my defining moment for what I wanted in my life.

Although I grew up in a home with parent always running marathons, eating healthy and lifting weights with them I did not make it part of my life in my 20s. It wasn’t until I sat in my doctor’s office after having three surgeries, and nearly dying after the third, when he told me I would need more surgery on my knee. I asked him, “Well, what if I get buff instead and repair my knee with muscle?” He said, “Well if you get buff you don’t need surgery.”

So it was in the moment that I set out to change my lifestyle, start lifting weights and get into shape. About that time my dad told me about Bill Phillip’s and a challenge he had to win a bunch of money if you transformed yourself in 3 months. I decided to enter and began the process of learning how to transform myself. The first challenge I got strong but failed when it came to losing weight because he gives you a “free day” where you can eat anything and I would go to McDonalds and ruin all the work I did the entire week. After three months I was sooo disappointed and wanted to quite. But I didn’t I entered another contest, this time far more determined and smarter.

After being in physical therapy for so long I understood how small consistent efforts went a long way. At the time I had very little muscle in my arm that had been reconstructed and when I lifted weights I could feel the metal moving around. But I pressed on…I pressed harder and this time I made sure I didn’t take “free days”.

Three months later, I was in front of a professional photographer getting my photo taken in my bathing suit to submit for the contest. Yes it is true, out there exists photos of me in a bathing suit like a fitness model.  (Some have asked me to share them and that is not gonna happen unless they end up in a magazine of which I gave full permission because then I would be inspiring someone and it would be for a good reason). There were several categories you could enter and after the three months I had gone from a size 13 to a 4 and gained 10 pounds of muscle. I beat 54 Million other people and was given a certificate and t-shirt, but most of all I had a new life.

Now I have kept this lifestyle up consistently until I hit a really tough time in my life where it seemed like everything was going wrong. My niece passed away at age 12 and it took the wind out of my sails. I then entered another contest to try help myself get back into the grove but six months later my nephew passed away. The place I worked wouldn’t allow me the time off to go to my nephew’s funeral, and then that is when my place of work started to force me to go to a doctor to prove I was born with dyslexia because a lady tried to discriminate against me and they were trying to prove I was lying. The doctor told me I was now genius in reading and writing but I still had a communication disability I needed to work on overcoming and could absolutely do so through public speaking. This was right when I had started my internet radio program and started to travel speaking and now eight years later I have really improved and continue to do so.

Needless to say it was as if everything I was doing in my life was challenged. I went into survival mode and my health went on the backburner. This wasn’t smart because the stress started to really create havoc because I had no outlet. Fast forward, I moved to Texas and for the first time since getting into shape I gained weight, with new surroundings and less mountains to hike my fitness has suffered. Not to mention having no job and having to try to survive working 14 hour or more days I let my fitness be less of a priority AND I discovered Southern food (enough said).

And here we are today, for the first time in a long time I actually once again have a good fifteen pounds to lose before I would consider being in a bathing suit. And once again I am in Bill Phillip’s contest and this time to win a vacation to Maui (my favorite vacation spot by the way).

I am sharing my story with you in case you need to get into shape as well and I am hoping that I can inspire you! I am going to share my journey with you on snapchat and focus on what I am eating, what my workouts are etc. I need the extra accountability and I love helping people so it would be a huge reward for me if I was helping someone else in the process.


Here are the tools I have in my arsenal that I highly suggest if you want to try to be a better version of yourself. Remember, it’s not about perfection it is about being the best version of you!

My personal hero, Bill Phillips, has it all! No I am not being paid to share this information. He is actually who I consider to be my fitness mentor. Here is his website http://www.transformation.com/

He wrote two amazing books that I live by. His cookbook Eating For Life and Body For Life. Both I highly recommend!!! He also has a journal you can purchase which is helpful. Here is a link to a FREE fitness and workout guide which Bill discusses how to use in his Body For Life Book. I carry my list for lifting weights to the gym with me every day. Here is a nice tool to plan your six meals a day. If you can remember protein the size of your hand including thickness and carbs the size of your fist that is a "meal". Eat six a day and your doing great!

I have much more to share with you!

I will also share on snapchat how I try to eat six meals a day, protein shakes, supplements I take and all those fun things I have learned along the way. I am super excited to get back into living what is my "normal" and I would love to share the journey with you.

So if you want to watch me transform myself by the end of May just in time for summer and you want to do the same, receive encouragement and learn what I do come follow me on snapchat! My username is aimeemichelle_m I will be posting it all!!!

Now for a little inspiration here is one my favorite videos I watch to get motivated. It is Bill and his brother Shawn both two people I look up to in fitness and being an entrepreneur! In fact, I think Bill I learned the phrase, "To succeed you have to know what to give up" and many more he mentions in this video. Viewer discretion is advised at 26 minutes. Saying that because at one point he walks into a bachelor party and well....but the rest of the video is inspiring.

By the way! Did you know I am on YouTube? I would love if you subscribed to my channel and join the community!

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