Never Give Up!

Have you ever faced a time in your life when you just wanted to give up? Maybe you stood before impossible news and you just didn’t think you would make it.

I have definitely had my share of situations like this in life one of those times was when I was told I would never use my arm again. After a car accident I had gone through three surgeries, my ulnar nerve cut in half, I had TBI from my head hitting the windshield, car keys went through my right knee and my pelvis was shifted under, right hip twisted up and tail bone twisted which resulted in a bulging disk that kept me from being able to walk without the help of an elastic belt around my hips.

Guys I remember sitting in my attorney’s office finding out that I was getting barely anything to help me even to cover medical costs, without the use of my arm I didn’t know what I was going to do for a living, and my attorney said to me, “You could be worse off, I have seen people with total brain damage, vegetables, that don’t get a dime.”

I walked out of that office that day with the odds against me and not a lot of hope. But I dug deep, I dug really deep and I said I will find a way, I will get through this! I decided that day that I was going to overcome. I had eight very difficult years to believe and fight that one day I would be healthy again.

Fast forward today and I am totally healed and I have even been in a few fitness competitions. I have full use of my arm that they still say is impossible.

What am I telling you today? There are some things in life you don’t need a degree for, you don’t need money for, you don’t need to read a book, you just need mental toughness, you need faith, you need hope that you will get through this. Some things in life you just have to outlast.

So many times the reason why people don’t make it is because they give up. They don’t look to find a new way, they come up against an obstacle and they just quit. If you were going to quit, why did you start to begin with?

Do you know everyone who has ever succeeded has the story about how they overcame, they just never gave up? Sometimes it’s down to the last minute and something turned around because they never gave up. They just decided not to quit. Sometimes we tend to think well it is just the really talented and super smart people who succeed, when in reality there is not a single talent that will get you through the tough times in life. There is not a book, piece of knowledge that will get you through some of the impossible stuff. This is where the rubber meets the road and what determines who wins in their own life. It is not about beating anyone else, it is about winning at what YOU are called to do and winning in your own life.

Someone told me once, "Who are you going to help feeling sorry for yourself?" It's true! Sometimes we get so into our own stuff we forget that what truly brings meaning is who we can help. And if you quit now because your life didn't turn out the way you thought, if you quit now because you are in a detour, if you quit now because you have to find a different way to find meaning and purpose for your life than the original plan...who are you going to help?

If it was easy everybody would do it. If it was easy, everyone would overcome. But only those who have greatness inside of them, that know deep down that they have a greater purpose bigger than themselves will rise up and overcome. And if you are reading this I know something about you, I know you are one of the great ones. If you weren’t you wouldn’t take the time to read this, you would have already closed this blog and moved on with your day.

So today, I don’t know what you may be going through. I don’t know what giant you are facing but I want you to know that you can make it! You can get through anything and when you get to the other side of this you will be stronger than you ever thought possible. Now go look yourself in the mirror and say I can get through this! God is on my side! I will not surrender!

There is always a solution at the other side of our battles. There is always an end to your trial just like there was a beginning. Maybe you need to work a little bit harder, invest in your learning a little bit more, or maybe you just need to keep pressing in. Whatever it is you have to do, make it an executable plan.

Never give up, never give in. I will see you on the other side of impossible!!




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