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Episode 30

Guest: Richard Rieman

Richard Rieman is an Audible Approved Audiobook narrator, audiobook producer, professionally trained Voice Actor, and author of “The Author’s Guide to AudioBook Creation and he is the founder of Audiobook Revolution.

In this episode you will hear about how Richard became an audio book voice over as well as:

  • What you need to know about recording an audio book
  • What equipment you might need and your options
  • How to hire someone to do your audio book for you
  • The most popular ways for producing audio books

Connect with Richard Rieman here:


Episode 29

Guest: Patti Haus

Patti Haus, conversion copyrighter who helps B2B companies increase sales, get more leads and create die hard fans out of customers.

She does this through helping with online course launch strategy, email marketing, sales pages and web copy.

Patti shared with me some of the major struggles businesses face with conversion copywriting, her journey as an entrepreneur and more!

Connect with Patti:


Episode 28

Guest: Darren Hunt

Darren Hunt, performance coach, mountain leader, and inspirational speaker and is an operational member of Buxton Mountain Rescue Team.

He combined his values of wanting to help others with his love for the great outdoors and launched Mountains in Mind to help you climb mountains in your business.

What could you achieve by joining a mastermind group that climbs mountains like Kilimanjaro, Everest and others together? The answer is a lot! Not only will it challenge you physically but you will walk away with more answer then you imagined.

Connect with Darren: 


Episode 27

Guest: Rob Kowalski

Could having sex before you are married be keeping you from finding love? Rob believes so and he is here to talk about his book “Why Waiting Works” and about his organization focused on helping people create better versions of themselves.

Rob Kowalski is a self proclaimed former bad boy, club promoter and stripper who experienced a radical transformation in his life that has now led him to becoming the Founder and CEO of Cityfam an organization that helps people reach their full potential and author of Why Waiting Works. His book shares both his journey and former party life, why he changed and his view on sex today.

Connect with Rob: 


Episode 26

Guest: Caroline Ferguson

In this podcast you will learn what it means to be a high sensation seeker and why you may want to build a career that keeps you interested.


Caroline Ferguson Mindset Trainer is for entrepreneurs who feel stuck, she says It’s time to stop blaming circumstances and accept that the real reason why you’re not doing – and being – half of what you’re capable of is…you and how you can change your mindset today!

Starting out in business communications, Caroline returned to school at the age of 50, became a therapist and then began mentoring entrepreneurs break through limiting mindsets and barriers in their way.

Connect with Caroline: 


Episode 25

Guest: Samantha Houghton

In this interview you will learn:

  • How others have found healing and restoration in their lives by writing and publishing their own books.
  • How to get over the fear of sharing your story and being vulnerable
  • What to do if you don’t feel confident enough to write your book yourself
  • And why writing may be the only therapy you will ever need.

Samantha Houghton Mentor, Author and Ghostwriter who has been able to help others write their stories, get them published and has found power in sharing her own story.


Episode 24

Guest: Christine Nicholson

In this podcast you will learn how Christine was able to turn a failing business around with her powerful assessment tools and business knowledge. Learn why the problems you face in your business can be easily solved just by identifying what the real problems are and how to identify areas to focus in your business first.

  • Identify the problems in your business so you can create greater profits
  • Build a foundation of understanding financials so you can make strong decisions
  • Learn how to take your business to the next level

Christine Nicholson coach, author and founder of The Profit Fixer. She is a seasoned entrepreneur who has built multiple businesses. Her background in accounting, law and information systems has forged the way for her to be able to solve the pressing issues most businesses face to help them create higher profits.


Episode 23

Guest: Richard Tyler

Richard Tyler is the Chief Possibility Architect of BTFI Ltd, Bestselling Author, International Speaker, Coach and Provocateur. He has spent decades playing lead roles in West End Theatre like Phantom of the Opera & lays miss la ab la he sees human potential through the creative lens of performance. His mission is to enable everyone to be ‘Happy Humans Beings’, living their life ON Purpose. Through disrupting the personal development industry and provoking the way that people think, his passion to get YOU out of your own way, so you can live a limitless life and create a positive impact footprint on the planet.


Are you stuck? Lacking in confidence, procrastinating all over the shop & feeling frustrated that you could BE so much more? Then let me unlock your limiting beliefs & transform your thinking into action. Test out my hypnotherapy, accountability, online course & awesome tribe of game changers in my LIMITLESS programme. Register for your 1 MONTH FREE TRIAL (no subscription/contract) here using the promo code ‘VIPACTION’ Come and check us out, access the resources and you can leave if it doesn’t blow your mind – what have you got to lose?!?


Episode 22

Guest: Ian Kaye

  • How to breakthrough through what’s holding you back
  • How start a budget when you aren’t making money yet
  • How to determine how much money you will make in your business

AIan Kaye Finance is a Business Coach and Trainer and CFO with over 25 years of business experience. For most business owners learning the fundamentals finance and accounting, and business planning can be a bit boring. Ian focuses on helping business owners take the boring out of the fundamentals of business. He also specializes in helping individuals remove the fear of public speaking and communicate effectively and achieve breakthroughs in their daily lives.


Episode 21

Guest: Alex Baditia

  • How can writing heal a broken heart?
  • How writing can increase your confidence
  • Overcoming the fear of uncertainty when becoming a full-time entrepreneur

Alexandra Badita is the founder of Impressivity, self confidence coach and author of Write Your Way To Happiness. In this episode you will learn how to heal a broken heart through writing, how to gain confidence through writing and more about Alex’s journey of becoming a full-time entrepreneur.


Episode 20: July14, 2018

Guest: Nadia Finer

In this episode you will learn:

    • How to use your weaknesses and your unique personality to build your brand
    • How to overcome your fears holding you back

Nadia Finer, service based business coach, speaker, author and she is helping business owners embrace every aspect of themselves both what they love and what they don’t to connect emotionally with their work. And unleashing their bigness in their business..


Episode 19: June 29, 2018

Guest: Kezia Luckett

In this episode you will learn how to become a woman of contribution as Kezia shares her own entrepreneurial journey and some of the biggest life lessons she has learned as she has empowered other women to contribute to the world.

KEZIA is a Global Mindset Coach, International Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker and CEO trailblazer behind THE WOMEN OF CONTRIBUTION MOVEMENT>Kezia is relentless in her mission, to make the world a better place for women around the globe. With an unwavering belief that when women are empowered to recognise their gift and share it with the world, each and every one of them can make a difference and leave an impactful footprint with the right support, resources and network.


Episode 18: June 20, 2018

  • How can you better take care of your stress level?
  • If you deal with chronic illness how can you use yoga to improve your health and reduce pain?
  • How can you exercise when you aren’t in shape or unable to do what many others can?

Christa Fairbrother took an obstacle of facing health challenges and personal trials into a mission to find her own relief and turned it into her passion and a business. To help people with chronic pain, those unable to perform physically at the same level as others and to help people to conquer stress.

For more information about Bee Content Yoga visit


Episode 17: June 1, 2018

Guest: Julia Felton

  • What is your personal formula for success?
  • How can you remain a confident leader when you face uncertain moments?
  • How do you create a high performance team?
  • How can you increase your confidence in uncertain times?
    What will happen if you don’t create an environment of innovation in your business?

Juila Felton, believes businesses can be improved through leveraging the wisdom of horses and applying the laws of nature where there is no wasted time, energy and resources. Julia is an executive coach, published author and mentor she encourages business leaders to challenge the status quo and step out of their comfort zone to see things from another perspective.

Episode 16


Growing A Business To Six Figures

In this episode I talk about how I grew a business to six figures in sales a year and provide you with practical ways you can do the same. Some of the things you will learn are:

    • What not to do
    • How to grow yourself so that your business grows
    • Growing your sales ability
    • Why I think everyone who wants to start their own business should do network marketing



Episode 15



What to do when you feel like something is missing

You can be the most successful person in the world, you could have everything "they say" you should have but feel like something is missing, be unhappy and restless. In this episode I discuss why this happens and how you can create a life of fulfillment that avoids it. Maybe it's time to take a fresh look at your life and where it is going and adjust your sails for greater fulfillment.





Episode 14



What is emotional intelligence?

Have you ever heard the term "emotional intelligence"? In this episode I describe exactly what emotional intelligence is and how you can and should use it to be successful in your business no matter what you do. Plus I include some ideas around tools you might use to grow your impact and how to incorporate emotional intelligence into your business plan.

As promised in the broadcast, via the listen now link below, is an overview of understanding how to determine someone's personality type on linkedin! Yes this could have been an amazing free download, webinar or ebook but I felt generous today!




Episode 13



Combine your passions or choose just one for your business?

So many struggle with which passion to go after in life when establishing a business. Sometimes it feels as if they are committing to a life sentence of only one topic but the truth is that the more focused we are the more successful we become.




Episode 12


Reclaiming Your True Identity

Although discussing identity may seem like a topic not related to success, it is often those things in our lives we don't assess that cause us not to break through in our lives. In this episode I take you through the process of reclaiming your true identity by sharing a story about a woman who had suppressed her vulnerability and was losing out on benefits of being feminine.

I also discuss how a decision made at a young age can cause us to fuel our human needs with fear instead of love. When this happens our view of others becomes negative, we think they are taking our needs from us and we often find ourselves in conflict.



Episode 11


How To Overcome Overwhelming Loss and Create A Compelling Future

Have you ever found yourself in a place in your life where you felt like you lost everything? Maybe in the process you felt like your identity had been lost as well? Well in this podcast I talk about how to overcome overwhelming loss by creating a compelling future. I share the seven steps to creating a compelling future that Tony Robbins often uses in his coaching to help people who are suicidal to regain hope.





Episode 10



How To Get Whatever You Want

In this weeks episode I discuss how to get anything you want by asking intelligently. Learn the five proven steps offered through Tony Robbin's Unlimited Power teaching how to get whatever you want.




Episode 9



Instantly Change Your Desires and Transform Your Life

In this episode I provide you with a four step life changing process that will allow you to eliminate desires for things you want out of your life and also intentionally increase your desire for things you want more of in your life. Shift your average experiences into amazing experiences instantly and break the habit of eating the wrong foods instantly!





Episode 8



How To Transform Your Health

In this weeks episode I share part of my story of transformation, of how I went from being disabled in a car accident to transforming my health, beating 54 million people in a fitness contest and being in the top 10%. I went from a size 13 to 4 in two months and gained 10 lbs of muscle. Now I am sharing with you what worked, what didn't and how you can begin to transform your health today.




Episode 7


The Power of Gratefulness

Have you ever suffered with depression? Wonder if you will ever be happy? Maybe you are busy going after your dreams but find yourself unsatisfied and so much so it disrupts your daily happiness. Well in this episode I talk about how gratefulness practiced daily can produce not just happiness but also balance, appreciate what matters, removes anxiety and promotes inspiration, eliminates depression, promotes better decision-making, increased performance in your work, greater success and perseverance.




Episode 6



Overcoming Obstacles To Your Success

If you want something in life you just need to find someone who has what you want and do what they did to get it. In the same way, if you have an obstacle in your life, find someone who experienced the same issue and found a way around it. Then you just do what they did! Sometimes the biggest obstacle really is yourself! Are you standing in your own way? Find out how you may be sabotaging your own success and how to overcome in today's podcast.






Episode 5

CaptureBuild Your Credibility With Product & How To Develop Product

If you are a service professional you want to stop trading your time for money and start producing product that will provide passive income for you while building your credibility. In this episode I walk you through the process of developing your first product, what key things you need to consider and why it is important. Take your business to the next level and learn how to make money while you sleep.





Episode 4


Do you have a good idea or not? When should you give up?.....and an innovative solution for strategic marketing materials.

In this episode I do some Q&A on the topic of good ideas and bad ideas and ways to protect yourself as you move forward. I also share on the topic of strategic marketing materials and provide an innovative solution for those of you who would like to create brochures for meetings with new clients on the fly! Is it sustainable? I tell you how.





Episode 3


Have you ever had an emotional moment that cost you great opportunity? Has fear ever held you back from moving forward?

I know I have certainly faced those moments in my life and there was a time when I finally was able to harness my emotions allowing me to better my life and move forward in my purpose in a greater way! So I wanted to share this with you so you can do the same!

In this week's podcast I share a process you can walk through whenever you are faced with an emotional moment that will allow you to rule your emotions rather them ruling your life.




Episode 2 


Have you ever wondered how to discover your purpose? How do you know you are going after the right thing?

In this week's podcast I talk about how to find your gift and why it will lead you to both passion and purpose. I also discuss how to create a life that is fulfilling.

I believe this is the foundation of any true success in life because if you just follow your passions you may end up succeeding up the wrong tree and finding your unhappy.







Episode 1

Introducing Thrive Radio! Bringing to you innovative and visionary advice for your life and business!

In Episode number 1 I talk about "the hustle", we hear so many motivational speakers talk about it but what really is it? What does it mean to hustle? How do you know you are hustling? After all, how many of you know someone who works hard but never gets ahead?

In this episode I am providing you with an explanation and how you can start to "hustle" in the right direction so you see success. You don't want to find yourself spinning your wheels and never experiencing success and this episode will help you to head in the right direction and make sure you reap the rewards.









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