Pretend Your Good At It: We’re better than Einstein Cuz He’s Dead


Today I want to share a story with you and I want to be transparent and I hope you can learn from my life lesson and yes maybe it has something to do with being better than Einstein because he is no longer living. Read on!

It was 2010 and I was passionately working late into the night on my latest project. It was an online course to help people self-publish their own books and at the time I didn’t even really realize anyone else was out there making online courses. I had this dream of solving the issues for others around how to do things in business and how to succeed. I can’t even explain to you why the passion was so strong but it was a driving force that I couldn’t help but think about.

About this time I remember I let someone I respected know what I was doing and he said, “What are you doing???!!! You need to focus!!!” You see I had been going after “ministry” at the time because I thought that was the only real way I could help people.  But I discovered it was not where I could use my gifts and talents the best and nor did I fit in any way shape or form in a religious institution. But I let this guy’s comments shake me up.

I stopped what I was doing but the passion was stirring so much that I had nightmares. I started to have dreams about Richard Branson telling me to start a business. I remember another dream where Dani Johnson told me I needed to have surgery and to put a radio in my wisdom tooth to broadcast what I know to help people succeed. You may not be a spiritual person but I felt like these dreams were nonetheless pushing me to do what I should have been doing a long time ago. Building a business to help people.

I stopped working on that publishing course in 2010 and I went into this state of “I don’t know what I want to do”. I lost all passion for just about everything because I wanted to do the right thing but couldn’t get it off my mind.

This past year I heard Gary Vaynerchuk in a video for the first time ever talk to those over 40 and tell us it was not too late. I knew this is what I was supposed to be doing. I knew that who I am is an entrepreneur and I was pretty much creating things and making money right out of my mother’s womb. My sister always knew who to come to when she wanted to buy candy. Haha I always had a stash of cash I had saved up, made and I was always working on how I was going to make the next stash. My favorite game to play as a kid was "business". I even remember smashing huckleberries and selling those door to door, if someone said they didn’t want the “jam” I was selling, I would tell them it was also ice cream topping, a new kind of fruit mix to add to cereal or for your yogurt. I made art and sold them door to door, and I picked people’s flowers from their own gardens and sold it back to them. (I wasn’t a perfect angel).

I am without a doubt so extremely happy that this week I finally officially launched my self-publishing course. It is the beginning of many solutions, training and help I want to provide. I have great ideas on what to create next! That is right, I broke through others opinions and actually started to do what I was passionate about that lined up with my personal talents and abilities.

It is so important that we don’t allow others to define who we are. If I had let people try to tell me that I was pigeon holed into helping people only one way I would not be fulfilling what I believe is my purpose and I would have been less effective. If I hadn’t stopped to ask myself what I really wanted to do, which was to do the impossible by the way, I wouldn’t be here today doing what I am doing.

I realize now, looking back, that it takes greatness to see greatness in others. They guy who didn’t see the value in what I was creating wasn’t an entrepreneur. He didn’t have the eyes to see what I saw. Remember this: not everyone has the ability to see what you see and as a leader you have to create it so that they can see.

Never limit yourself, never put yourself in a box. You weren’t born in one. It is crazy to me how we so easily label ourselves sometimes and just out of fear of doing the wrong thing and at the mercy of others opinions will put who we are on hold.

People used to get upset at me because I know how to do so many different things. They would say you are a “jack of all trades but a master of none.” But they were wrong, I am a master of many trades and a master of the art of success.  I am the problem solver for those that need answers and I always have been.  Don’t allow others to put down your many talents if you were born with many, or for knowing a lot if you like to learn. Some people can only handle mastering one thing and they are only called to one thing. But some are called to many! It is smart to focus when you are trying to accomplish things, focus on one thing at a time. But when you do so, through life, you be come a master of many things.

Be who you’re supposed to be and never apologize for it. We are better than Einstein because he is dead, if you aren't as good as he was pretend you are. Don't fake it, but just be the best version of you.


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