The Peak Performance Project

In this 4 Week One-on-One Mentoring Program, you’ll be guided in creating a productive, happy life with a compelling future.

We will evaluate where you currently are at, what is working for you and against you. Then we will design your daily routine to facilitate the highest performance possible. You will be empowered with a daily routine that will set your mental and emotional state for every day, that will allow you to live in a state of happiness on a consistent basis.

If you’re an individual that’s ready to stop living in what is impossible and are ready to start doing the impossible, the Peak Performance Project will give you the step-by-step process, confidence and motivation you need to take your life and business to the next level.

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The Online Transformation Project

If you’re ready to harness the power of online marketing, social media and other online platforms to launch your business to a new level as a coach, consultant, professional services business, or business owner then the Online Transformation Project will show you how!

In this 4 Week intensive coaching program, Aimee shares her most powerful techniques including how to turn your website into a lead generation machine, how to expand your brick and mortar store online without having to pay for advertising, grow your YouTube Channel and other social media platforms and create a community of consistent, faithful clients.

She shows you how to create your own online marketing campaign, automate your business and equips you with her exact ads, emails, and secrets to help you flood your business with new clients and become a go-to thought-leader in your industry.

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The FBA Entrepreneur Academy

The FBA Entrepreneur Academy is Aimee’s community of entrepreneurs from all over the globe coming together as passionate to build their business using Amazon FBA.

I believe it takes a village to raise a child and similarly, a team to build a business. The entrepreneur journey is too often walked alone but once you’ve decided to bring your dream business to life, you must tap into a successful entrepreneur mentor, and a supportive community of others are building their own businesses.

Join Aimee as she takes you on an incredible adventure and equip you with the tools, trainings, support, and guidance to build your own business using Amazon FBA!

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