Have you ever wished you could make extra money in a home-based business, maybe just expand your business in general?

If you watched me on Periscope this morning I was talking about how I obtained the small amount of success I have in a home-based business. I say small success because I recognize there are many out there who have had much more success than I have. But I have been able to create sales of over $10,000 a month with little effort and I know that there are many out there wishing they could do the same.

There are those that will try to start a business and they won’t have much success and then they will switch products over and over either because they found a company with better perks or because they think the product just isn’t good enough. Others just say “it doesn’t work” or “the competition is better” or “only special people can do that”. These are excuses I have seen and heard and they come from stinkin thinkin.

So today I wanted to provide you with some key principles I have learned that I contribute to my success and if you are struggling with the stinkin thinkin here are some ways you can break out of it:

Understand your product is people – So many times we want to push our actual product on people. We want to sell the science of it and we want people to try it. But that will actually get people to run from you faster than you can meet them. The truth is that business is about relationships, caring about people, helping people, finding out what their needs are and meeting them. It is about remembering their birthday and that thing they said they liked when you walked past a window. It is about creating meaningful interaction with people and having a positive impact in their lives. The minute you begin to focus on creating better relationships the faster your business will grow. Why? Because people always enjoy being connected to people who care.

Nobody likes a sales person – If you decide to have a business where you sell a product always remember that nobody likes a sales person. What do you do when you want to go buy a vehicle? You do whatever you can to avoid that sales person right? The bottom line is when it comes to products people just want to know “does it work and will it work for me”. They don’t want to be lied to or misled or talked into buying something they are not ready to buy. The simplest way that you can communicate what they need to know is provide them with testimonies of others experiences. This tells them if it works and if they should try it. Let them try the product and offer to give them their money back if they don’t like it. Give them samples. Let them discover if they want to invest in it and at what level. You are not trying to recruit people, you are trying to care about them.

Don’t be a know it all – Contrary to popular opinion the more of an expert you are does not make you more successful. A lot of times what people do is they think they need to know everything about their product and then communicate all the science to people. What this does is it causes information overload and then people respond by saying, “Uhhh duhh I have to think about it!” Why? Because you gave them too much to think about! One of the things I do in my business is that I hold workshops on healing, stress relief, trauma relief etc. I teach the information that others have provided to me in a presentation. I literally read off of the presentation and I actually make sure I do the worst job I possibly can at it. Why? Because I want those who are copying me to be able to look at my example and think, “Wow, I can do better than her at that and look at all the sales she just made!” People don’t care if you are the one that knows it all, they just want to know does it work and will it work for me. If they want to know the science they will do the research and will look into the science on their own. Make sure people can replicate what you do, because that is what they will do.

Don’t do it for others –  I have had people come to me deciding they want to start a business. But once I have given them the tools, provided them with a demonstration instead of stepping up to the plate they have just wanted me to do it for them. Only invest in people that are serious. If you do if for them now, you will always have to do it for them. People have to choose to make the decision to grow and if they are not willing to invest in their own personal development to succeed then nothing you can do will cause them to succeed. This is because your income follows your personal growth.

Thinking back over my life I think that I had some of my first success when I was a little girl. I would pinpoint others needs and would instantly create a business. I started to sell berries door to door after spending hours in the woods picking them. I offered them up as ingredients or to put on their ice cream. I would offer to rake leaves in a persons yard, create artwork, I cared for the neighbors horses. When we are kids it is much easier to remember that it is all about meeting others needs. People will pay you if you are meeting a need they have….it is really that simple.
I hope that you enjoyed some of my key points in building a business. If you are interested in starting a business yourself I have a core team of business leaders out there making a difference and they not only enjoy what they do, are improving their health, improving other’s lives and getting financial free. If you want to be part of the team contact me and we can do an assessment to determine if you are a right fit. It is not for everybody! Just for those serious about making a difference in their lives and others.

Remember, being successful at the core is about caring about other people and being genuine.


Have you ever been in a situation in your life that was chaotic, brought tremendous stress and not only could you not speak a word of it to anyone; those who you could count on to help you through were limited? Maybe you have been in a place where you knew you needed a breakthrough in your life and you knew you needed others more skilled to help you through and were at a loss as to who to turn to?

It is important that we surround ourselves with people that are highly skilled and intelligent; those that can advise us in areas of our lives that we may not have the knowledge to solve. We also need those people around us that are not emotionally affected by our circumstances so that we can make wise decisions. Finally it is important that we learn how to be mentally and emotionally tough and able to keep calm in stressful situations and make right decisions which also helps us to be considered a trusted advisor.

I want to share with you a time when I saw this in action when it came to the capture of Osama bin Laden and how I think we can apply what I learned to our own lives.

When I worked for a Big 4 I had the amazing opportunity to work with intelligent and skilled Advisors in all areas and because of the level of information I received I never got to go home and share a single piece of information with even my family. I often knew some earth shattering news that I knew would hit the newsstands at any moment or it hit the newsstands and we had to know how to respond. I was often aware of the inside news in any given organization and I learned how to be mentally and emotionally tough, unmoved, so that I could be an effective team member to bring value.

Some of those advisors I happened to work alongside were the Advisors to the The Administration. One of the projects I was briefed on by them was when Osama bin Laden was captured. This was so that when dealing with crisis situations with clients I could glean from lessons learned and apply it accordingly and I was often in charge of putting together the details of important proposals. This is a time when details are what matter.

These advisors had worked tirelessly to put together two proposals as to where Bin Laden could possibly be hiding. Great detail and focus had to go into putting these proposals together under great stress. If they skipped one detail it is possible he would have never been captured. Luckily, they selected the right proposal that proved to identify his true location.

What happens in an operation like this is that the President is held in one room without any visibility to what is happening on the ground where violence may be taking place. This is so he can make important decisions without being emotionally affected. The leaders in military are in another room with monitors to oversee the operation on the ground and provide instruction. During this operation President Obama actually left his position and went into the room where the military was to watch everything take place. This was probably the worst thing he could have done as President because at that point he was no longer an effective leader to make unbiased decisions when others were relying on him to do so. If you watched any of this hit the news during the time you know why so many were angry with his actions. He had in some ways stepped down from being an effective authority in that moment when the U.S. needed him the most; he allowed his emotions to control him.

Lessons we can learn from this crisis:

  • The Importance of Emotional and Mental toughness – If you want to be an effective leader you have to learn how not to react but stay the course. If we are to be effective leaders we cannot place ourselves in positions where we will be emotionally unable to make the right decision. If we find ourselves in a crisis and we are emotionally effected we need people around us that are outside of our sphere that can help us to move forward. Thinking that we can lead alone in our own lives or in an organization proves to be fatal.There were countless days in my career where I wanted to react, run home and spill the beans on what was REALLY happening out there but couldn’t because it was top secret information. I would open up social media and want to react to false information but had to retract. I had to learn how to be un-effective by the “news” and learn to be strong in my convictions as an individual. Followers react; leaders are proactive and stay the course.
  • Surround Yourself with Advisors/Coaches – It is important to have coaches or experts in every single area of our lives so that we continue to grow. Experts to advise us that can provide us with objective instruction and feedback. I understand that we do not always have people around us that have the answers and it often takes a great amount of work to gain the understanding and knowledge we need to succeed. There is wisdom in the right council. But I believe it is important to make sure you have the right variety of council or it is possible without fresh perspective you may never obtain breakthrough.
  • Investment In Learning Is Never Wasted – There are a lot of things in this life that are a waste of money but the one thing you can never waste money on is personal growth. You may not have a ton of advisors like the President bringing you new information daily but you can be proactive and learn. This could be formal education or workshops. From online training to going to seminars. Always pay what it takes to get trained and grow. We need experts in our lives and we should never stop being teachable. The moment you think you know it all is the moment you will become ineffective.
  • Give Up A Meal But Never Give Up The Chance To Read A Book – Experts read a lot of books that are outside their “comfort” zone or from individuals outside their “sphere”. There is no point in reading about what you already know; we need others to stretch us. Of course we need to filter information we obtain and rightly divide it but when you are educated in a solid foundation this should not be an issue. Some of the greatest breakthrough I have received has been from people completely unrelated to my situation or completely out of my demographic. We should not just know what we believe but why and be willing to have others challenge our understanding. If we have the right foundation, we will only find our roots will go deeper into truth and become unmovable.
  • Details Matter – No matter what you are doing in life, details matter. Sometimes they matter more than other times. If you are weak in the area of details find others that will stretch you, and then apply what they say to improve upon your performance. Always keep others who are detailed around you and close by because no one on the planet can catch every detail by themselves.

I hope you have felt this blog helpful today and that by sharing some of my experience with you, you can take your life to the next level. And on a personal note maybe you can understand why I have felt I could relate so much with “spy movies”, working hard and all the while nobody really knowing what you are a part of. That has felt like more of my reality than fiction. Now go do the impossible!

I leave you with this intro to one of my favorite movies – Mission Impossible

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