Below are some of the archives from Revolution Radio! For six years I interviewed ministers, charities, those with a testimony and those making a difference. Here are some of my archives!

This program features special guests from around the world who are stepping up into their purpose and calling, those who are changing lives and nations, as well as those who have overcome in their lives through Jesus Christ. It is our hope that you will be inspired to take your relationship with the Lord to the next level and to step out into your purpose and calling as well.

Pimp This Bum – The story of restoring a homeless man utilizing a marketing experiment










Klimb For Kenya – A young man’s dream to help orphans in Kenya and funding it by climbing Mt Rainier










Interview with Musician Jordan Riley. I love Jordan because he is not your run of the mill type of Christian. Covered in tattoos and piercings he breaks all the rules just be being himself. But he loves Jesus Listen to his music here







Interview with David Popovici –  One of the most dynamic, amazing, ministers I have ever met.









Dr Rodney Howard Browne – The Next Great Awakening









Benny Perez – The Church At South Las Vegas (The first interview I ever did in my life!)









Interview with Dr Robert Cathers








SJ Hill – Enjoying God and Being Enjoyed By Him










May 25, 2010 Interview with SJ Hill – Topic: Enjoying God and Being Enjoyed by Him

June 26, 2012 Interview with SJ Hill – Topic: What Is The Fear of God

Teaching Series on Enjoying God (for full teaching visit

Interview with Theo Koulianos – The Jesus Book by Michael Koulianos –










Interview with Doug Addison – Dream Interpretation and Tattoo Interpretation









Theresa Phillips: The Monarchy Of Heaven











Chad Cromer, Assistant to Randy Clark

(Plus a sneak visit from some interns)











Interview with Faytene Grasseschi – The Cry Hollywood










Interview with Barbie Breathitt on Dream Interpretation










Bill Yount – I Heard Heaven Proclaim







Interview with Daniel Black Love, love, love.  Daniel has always shared about loving people and loving God. He was a guest multiple times!













Interview with Eric Gilmour: Eric is one of the most genuine, passionate lovers of Jesus I have met. Amazing teacher and dynamic person.











Interview with Brian Guerin: Brian discuss Modern Day Mysticism. Angels, supernatural, you name it he teaches on this topic!













Interview with Steve Anderson – Healing Rooms Scotland










Interview with Adam LiVecchi







Interview with Mike Bachelder






Interview with Paul F Davis. This was one of my favorite interviews because he was someone I was a big fan of for many years. We share the same personality type and he was one of those “I want to be like you” people I looked up to. He has written over 22 books and does everything..and I do mean everything.











Interview with Pastor Tiger Aguon. Tiger shares his story of overcoming.








Interview with Pastor Matt Wakefield, Citadel Church, Washington









Interview with Kathy Balcome, Missionary in Hong Kong. This interview was done over the phone all the way in Hong Kong. My first International interview. (No website)






Interview with Josh Crofton









Interview with Mike Smalley
The Law of The Seed












Interview with Ikem Grisby

Interview with Sharnael Wolverton: Topic: Essential Oils and Healing

Interview with Hermes Falcao Jr of Revival Explosion Ministries 
Topic: Revival, healing and his story 

Interview with Patricia DiSanti – Life Coach – Thriving Not Just Surviving Life

Interview with Katherine Martin, Three Heaven

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