Social Media Entrepreneurial Overwhelm

I have to admit that my blog has suffered for many months now and it has simply due to the Entrepreneurial Overwhelm Syndrome. You haven’t heard of this syndrome have you? Or maybe you have it too?

You wake up in the morning and you think to yourself, “Today I am going to punch the day in the face and be a massive #bosslady or #bossman!”  #hustle Then you are overwhelmed with all of the options of what to do next. Your social media is screaming at you because you frankly have no strategy, so you rush to Pinterest in hopes to find something super encouraging. There that will do it! Check social off for the morning.

Then for me it’s what is my YouTube content going to be, I really need to do that schedule thingy that one person said to do….post it notes with categories and use some fancy tool to collect my ideas. This never happens. I generally have good weeks and I have slow weeks. The slow weeks I am lucky if I get one video out good weeks I can do five in a day. But then I think how I am not doing all the cool fancy video shots, I don’t have a drone. What if I really wanted to grow my YouTube Channel, do I need a drone for that? Maybe I should produce less videos and focus on making better ones?

I sit down and begin my searching of SEO topics on YouTube and What are people asking today and how does it relate to making money and finding happiness? After all this is my focus. I feel like I have spent massive amounts of time on creating video around Amazon and the nawing feeling inside that I have so much more to offer continues to haunt me. If I could just organize my skills and decide which ones I can package up into a video. I think back to all I have done in my career, the science of relationship building, proposals, sales you name it I did it for the Fortune 500. How do I package that?

Then my friend emails me. “I heard in a video you said you used to work for the credit bureau and know how to fix credit reports?’ ‘Sure!” I replied, “That’s easy, first if you have a collector calling you tell them to stop calling, it is your right as an American and illegal if they refuse. Second if there has been no activity on something for 7 years it will disappear and if you can’t remove something just make sure to add a note to your credit report to explain it.” ‘You are a life coach, I am convinced! She replied.

I seem to have an answer for everything, a solution to every problem and really that is my strength. My entire life I have been a problem solver. Then I think to myself maybe I should change my entire YouTube Channel about solving problems. What am I thinking about right now? Aimee no you decided to be a life and business coach…focus on solving those problems.

Do you ever go through this? Maybe the overwhelm of all of the options just rain down on you like a harvest of too much fruit. I want share with you that you are not alone. Especially if you are right brained creative like me.

I sat down and decided I needed to organize myself and I needed to organize my strategy. But something that many entrepreneurs will not admit to you is that it takes the help of other coaches to help you to look at your business and determine what is next. Trying to do this alone you start to get caught in your head about all of the possibilities instead of laser focused value. Today I actually hired someone to help me put some planning strategy around my social media so I don’t just start to wake up in the morning, find something that inspires me and then post that to my Facebook and call it a social media strategy. But that isn’t exactly a huge step into massive business growth.

I decided to document my video process. Search for SEO topics, check the competition of those titles and check the performance. How long ago did someone post with this title where it actually produced results? How can I long tail this into something that will set my video apart? Let’s look at the thumbnails on the top of search because once I SEO my video up there it’s got to stand out. Next, on my list write my description and make sure it is SEO’d…I always put this off and come back later. What links do I need to include in my video? What playlists? Then the sharing needs to happen. I belong to about fifty online groups that allow me to share my videos and if I don’t take time to post them in these groups then my channel suffers….

That is all before I even consider the content of my video, deal with lighting and figure out if this week if I will be able to fix the coloring of my videos or if I am in vortex of bad video editing for life. Once I finally record my advice I then upload and hold my breath hoping this week I don’t look like a goth.

The fact is when you are an entrepreneur and you are doing all of this on your own and there is nobody to act as a sounding board for your ideas it can be really difficult to scale your business. You start to live in reaction mode and you wonder if you are making progress…forget about strategy to get to an end goal…you’re focused on learning Facebook ads and seeing if you have gotten any clicks yet.

One of the things that has really helped me along the way is to make sure that I hire help. I have been part of a program where coaches coach each other for free in exchange for each others services. This has been really helpful to have real conversations with others. Sometimes though you need someone specialized and I will race to find the best person to hire just to get my head screwed on straight. It’s amazing how a simple conversation can allow you to create some sanity.

The second thing I have done to combat this is to hire freelancers who are specialized in these areas. Especially when it comes to doing searches on SEO. What a waste of time when you can get a big report of options from a specialist.

Being handed a process, a fill in the blank layout and suddenly you have a magic formula for strategy sounds like butter at this point in your life. And it is butter. Believe me it’s the best butter in town. Organizing what you have to do next to know you will arrive at your ultimate goal is imperative.

The best part about a formula is that it gives you the sense that you are “doing it right”. I think that when it comes to things like social media when your accounts aren’t growing you instantly think “I must not being doing this right”. I used to think that until my YouTube Channel started to explode with one viral video. Then suddenly all the things I thought I was doing wrong took off. Sometimes you are just missing your tribe.

So for the sake of this long blog post today I just wanted to provide you with a short list on social media that really has set me in the right direction when going after building my social media platforms. I won't say that I have arrived yet, I will say that this is where I have started and it has simplified things in my mind so I could actually start to think about strategy:

  • Facebook: Short posts are favorited by Facebook

  • Linkedin: Focus on asking questions

  • Twitter: make sure your tweet is short

  • Google Plus: Posts should be focused on “How To”

  • Instagram: Focus on insider photos of your brand and you


Develop and nurture your following without burdening the audience by following the rule of thirds when it comes to social content:

  • 33% should promote your business, convert readers, and generate profits.

  • 33% should surface and share ideas from thought leaders/pioneers in your industry or like-minded businesses.

  • 33% should be based on conversing with others and building your brand through engaging with people.

  • Sticking to the rule of thirds will keep your audience engaged, informed, and interested in what you have to say.

I found this information by doing a random google search, but the simplicity of it really helped me. I was lost for a long time not knowing what to post and having a blueprint to guide me like this has really reduced the stress in my life. I used to look at a list of social media tools about scheduling content and think "Forget that I don't even know what to post!" So I hope that this little summary will help you to first feel like you aren't alone and second help you to know that you are doing it right.

This of course is the beginning and I promise I will continue to share my learning experience, maybe package up my social checklists. I mean at this point you could be asking me what SEO is. Not to worry, I will keep sharing and do so in small bites so you don't enter Social Media Entrepreneurial Overwhelm.

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