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This week I decided to do something different and create a video around health. Sharing my journey of improving my health, ridding my body of candida and sharing how to do it. I also mentioned that about 70% of the population suffers from this just because they take antibiotics and the worst part is that because it is caused by drugs (antibiotics), most doctors are not only horrible at diagnosing it but they have no clue how to get rid of it.

When I first went in to the doctor and was at my worst, where I had even lost part of my hearing due to this issue I was told by the doctor that I was perfectly fine and nothing was wrong with me. The sad truth is this happens to most people and they are told they have immune system issues. But the truth is that candida causes a suppressed immune system.

It is true many people who suffer from immune system disorders suffer from candida but at some point that candida had to have mutated to fungal form before you can suffer from it. It doesn’t just show up because your immune system is suppressed.


So what is the answer?

I have walked the hard path by trying everything. I have had to change my diet, learn how to detox, learn how to remove sugar from my diet because even when I thought I wasn’t eating it I was! I had to learn how to heal my stomach and that it doesn’t go away overnight. In fact, you may be like me and it could take a couple of years to detox or you might have mild case that might go away in six months. To get rid of it forever, you need to change your diet and detox!

I heard a doctor say that when you get rid of it out of your system your life changes. He saw people get married, start new careers, get their lives back…this is because it affects your moods, your mental state, your emotions and not just your physical health. And as I have freed my body from the crud I have seen my life completely change and can testify this is true!

If you missed my video you can watch it now below! If you enjoy these helpful videos to help improve your health as you pursue your dreams, create a business and a better life I will continue making them. There have been some requests for a list of recipes, foods to eat and how to detox. So if you enjoy this I will make some of those videos along side others I create!


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