The Door Of Breakthrough

Have you ever felt like you were in a rut with no way out? That you have been waiting for years for breakthrough but it never seems to come your way? Have you ever felt that because of the obstacles you have faced, you might as well just give up? I believe the core issue when we encounter these seasons is that we are allowing ourselves to be ruled by our emotions.

At some point you have to stop living life by your feelings and start living by principles. See if we allow ourselves to be controlled by our feelings we will never be who we are called to be.
For example, you may choose to get into shape but when it comes to getting up in the morning to workout you skip it because you don’t feel like it. But who does? I guarantee you that people that live healthy lifestyles don’t always feel like it but they live by a principle that their health is important to them.

One of the primary keys in my life that I have implemented is that I live by key Biblical principles that allow me to obtain the things I know I am called to obtain. For example, when I got in a car accident and the doctor told me I would never use my arm again. They told me I was disabled. I had two plates and fifteen pins and screws in my arm and I had to fight hard. But I knew that my faith was stronger than the “reality” I was facing and that if I worked hard and believed God , He would do a miracle. And He did! They say it is medically impossible for me to be using my arm, but today it is perfectly normal. Even if He had not done a miracle I would still be far better off than if I had done nothing.
When we receive insight into what we are called to fulfill in this life, overcome, or when we feel we are to just accomplish one thing set before us we have to approach it not based on feelings but based upon our core beliefs.

A great example of this is the story of David. David was up against a giant that everyone was afraid of and that no one could defeat. But his faith was bigger than who stood before him. He stepped out and did what he could do in the natural and believed God would do the rest. The result is that he killed Goliath, delivered Israel and became King. Yet another example is Joseph who was sold into slavery, put into prison, falsely accused but he lived by a principle of valuing his dreams and the dreams of others. He first received a dream from God that he would be in a place of authority which is what caused his brothers to sell him into slavery, but that same passion of understanding dreams and valuing them caused him to interpret others dreams in prison. This soon led to him doing so for the King which as a result produced breakthrough. If he had just said, “Well dreams are stupid and not worth it now that I am in prison…some dream that was” he would have never seen his promises come to pass.

I have found that the majority of individuals, even if they know what they are called to, will allow fear to stop them; even when it comes to relationships in life.
One woman recently contacted me saying she felt God was telling her now was the time to find a husband and get married. She asked me what she should do. My reply was that if she felt it was God’s timing in her life that she should go meet a lot of people and expand her social circle so that God has something to work with. To just expect that an amazing man is going to show up on your doorstep is like saying you believe you will get into shape without going to the gym. But her reply was that she was just going to wait and believe. But faith without works is dead.
I came to this realization in my own life many years ago when I was almost going to be on the Dr Phil show. Yes, this is true. I had become so frustrated with relationships in my life I was determined to make a change but didn’t know where to start. Dr Phil was right in front of me on TV with his new book on finding a great man. Not thinking what I was actually doing, I responded passionately on his website to a question he had posted. (If you know me, this is not unusual, I will generally express myself if given the opportunity). Within 24 hours their producer was calling me and asking me questions and they gave me an assignment. I had to put into practice what Dr Phil said in his book. I had to go to Home Depot and meet a man, any man. I had to go out to social gatherings and talk to everyone in the room and pay attention to my body language and what I was saying. Then I had to report back. Suddenly my life went from no men, to men throwing me their phone numbers at me and trying to get mine. This was the same church setting I would often complain “there are no men”. I had a shift in my thinking, I realized that if I kept doing the same thing in my life, going to work and coming home, that a man would have to throw himself onto my windshield just to meet me. I had to give God something to work with and be willing to put in the effort.
We need to change our lifestyles in order to even give God something to work with in every area of our lives.

(Short note to add: I did not make it on the Dr Phil show because I wasn't messed up enough. Praise God for that! But nonetheless I learned from the experience and I am always willing to take a risk in my life to grow)

Sometimes the scariest thing is taking the first step in life, but even more important is deciding that you are not going to allow your feelings to control your destiny. What principles do you say you believe? Are you allowing your feelings to override those principles or are you taking responsibility? The worst thing would be not to do anything and just allow life to pass you by with regrets.
Today whatever daunting task you have before you that you don’t feel like doing but know you need to in order to move forward, set your feelings aside and accomplish that task first. As some might say “Do the frogs first”; those ugly things you just hate to do. Then you can spend the rest of your day doing what you enjoy. Challenge yourself to be stretched. Maybe it is as simple as having a conversation with someone you normally would write off. Opening up your life to new opportunity and challenges will allow you to grow beyond what you even thought possible and open the door of breakthrough.

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