Transformation: The Power of Poo

Awareness of reality and truth is probably one of the most underrated valuables that exists in life. You may think I am referring to self-awareness because it seems so many are talking about that these days. But the truth is I am talking about awareness overall.

This past couple of years as I have challenged myself to grow, stretch my boundaries and take a hard look at what I believe and why I have come to some harsh realities of believing a load of poo. Sometimes you can choose to believe certain things that have no ounce of truth just because you allowed someone to tell you it was true. I always prided myself in not doing that, yet here I was discovering I had a lot of stinking thinking that had brought great misery to my life.

But isn’t it an amazing feeling when you have one of those aha moments that are so life changing that it completely changes not just the quality of your life but how you choose to live it?

We can produce this in our lives in a variety of ways. Reading books is one way I have challenged myself. Taking a deeper more extensive look at things I believe and studying what they really mean. Listening to others with differing opinions that challenge yours.

What is funny is that ever since I was in my 20s I have argued with people who have differing views, not just to argue but with the idea of “if they can prove me wrong I will listen”. Talk about being stubborn! Try to move that mule along! So if you are stubborn like me don’t worry, there is hope for all of us. Some of us want proof, documentation and more proof and I think that it is ok to ask questions.

So many times in business and in our lives we are not moving forward not because we don’t have what we need but because we have a faulty belief system that needs adjusting. We only fear challenging what we believe when we fear we don’t know for certain it is true and this can be fearful for those who find comfort in what they think they know.

The process of change can be a scary thing. When you begin to experience greater awareness of truth you walk through a process of first questioning what you have believed to date. This can sometimes cause confusion because suddenly what you believed no longer makes sense. And it is in that instant when the confusion transforms to understanding where you are changed and transformed. We all have this ability in us, but we have to allow ourselves to be willing to change.

This is a big reason I am a firm believer in coaching, reading and experiences that transform. It is not just about feeling good, getting more head knowledge, being positive or choosing to go after things. But it is a process of becoming something you never even imagined was possible. There is GREAT freedom in our futures if we never stop being open to change and produce environments that change us.

For someone reading this, challenging what you believe might be the scariest thing on earth. But the reality is only one of two things will happen. Either you will prove your understanding to be even stronger than it was to begin with, or you will gain greater freedom. It is truly a win win! Never be afraid to be transformed and run to the things that will challenge you to new levels. Be willing to ask yourself the hard questions.

I am grateful that I get to choose a much freer, abundant, prosperous, loving and wonderful life than what I chose in the past just because of my shift in understanding.  I encourage you to do the same!

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