Two Things I Share With Warren Buffet

stock25There are two things that I share with Warren Buffet. First, we share the same DNA and second I agree with his comment below, Networking Marketing has been one of the best investments I ever made.

The first networking marketing business I had tried was Avon, and although I made sales, I had a hard time making a profit. Then in 2009, I started another business and this time it grew rapidly into a six figure business. What was the difference?

I could tell you that it was the product and I think in part maybe that is some truth to it, but honestly I think that I invested in myself to grow and learn what it took to be successful. I learned that my product was my bread and butter and that people were more important than what I was “selling”. When I began to just invest in the people they began to invest in my business.

Some of the things I learned were that there were some that loved to jump from business to business for the latest prizes to win, they rarely succeed because it takes sticking with it to succeed. Then there are those that don't even use their own product, nobody wants to their product because they don't use it themselves. Then there are those who don't want to do the work. If you don't work you will never succeed.

But then I also learned exactly what to say to people, how to tell them about my product and business and get them interested. I learned most importantly what not to say and what not to do. What if you had the same knowledge to do the same that I have done? Well today I am giving it to you!

I wanted to offer you something special, it is my top five ingredients to having a successful network marketing business. These are the best pieces of advice that I learned to grow my organization and I know that if you do what these things too you will see success. They are really the big nuggets that have caused my business to grow.

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My gift to you today:













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