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If you are an entrepreneur you will notice that one of the biggest trends right now is to have a podcast. But I have noticed that many people don’t move forward and start one because they either believe they need to invest in a ton of equipment or are overwhelmed by the technical aspect of it.

I recently read a blog from someone who had a podcast and he mentioned how he spent a good two years just studying it before he started. I started my first podcast in 2008 (while he was still studying) and grew it to 70,683 listeners around the world and was successful at it for six years until I decided to move on to focus on YouTube.

What did I do differently? Why have others been stuck while I started immediately?! I am going to share with you today what I did and how you can start a podcast today at absolutely no cost to you if you have a phone and a computer.

The platform I have utilized with success has some amazing benefits vs others:

  • Have the ability to do live broadcasts, it is much more like traditional radio
  • People listen live online, via their phones, or to the recorded podcast
  • Take live callers, screen calls and get your own radio station phone number
  • You can just pre-record your show and upload it, you don’t have to do a live show
  • You have a studio for audio, callers, chat, social media, to connect with your guest off air
  • Stats are tracked in the platform
  • Ability to have someone screen phone calls for you before you bring them on air
  • Broadcasts are recorded and go directly into iTunes without you doing a thing
  • Edit your broadcasts and then re-upload them and iTunes gets refreshed automatically
  • Get revenue sharing from all the ads on your show page just by opting in
  • No need for another platform to share your podcast, such as a website if you don’t have one
  • Connected to social media platforms it’s easy to share
  • They have a podcast player you can add to a website if you desire
  • Use the podcast and put it into other platforms as you grow providing more options to listen
  • Ready to grow? Get a marketing package and access to advertise to millions of listeners on the platform
  • They provide step by step training

The awesome thing about Blogtalkradio is that you don’t need anything but a phone to start your live broadcast, no special audio equipment! Some even use skype, (although I think land line phones have the best audio quality). I did try the Skype route and even purchased a special mic and headset for production but in the end the old fashioned telephone worked the best for live shows. Here is what the studio looks like. Obviously, since this was a test episode there are no callers on the left side. On the right is where you can store a plethora of audio, you can see I whited out my current station phone number and host code so you can't use my number :). On the top middle the chat can be opened into a new window or within this platform. If you have a producer they would log in and start the show from this platform and manage all the callers and chatters while you did the show, otherwise you can easily do both.



You can bring guests on anywhere in the world from the comfort of their homes because all they have to do is either call in or you can call them from your switchboard on your computer which is part of the studio they offer.

Having a show on blogtalkradio is a lot more like having an actual online radio program that is turned into a podcast. So you get the excitement of a live show and it gets recorded and then automatically goes into iTunes. I remember having  guest's on and the phones lighting up like a Christmas tree and people loved to call in and get their questions answered live. Something goes wrong you can edit it out of the recording. I even had guests on that I interviewed all the way in China!

If you do not have audio editing software I recommend using Audacity. It is free, easy to use if you are new at editing or recording and many people use it so it is easy to find tutorials on YouTube. You can also use it to record a podcast to upload if you prefer that versus doing a live show, you would just need a mic on your computer.

Blogtalkradio has a couple of different “packages” and they start out FREE. As a FREE member you have access to do live shows using a phone, even do private shows to practice. Your program can last for up to 30 minutes, schedule it any time except between 6PM and 10:00PM as well as the following:

  • Host your own live talk radio show using any phone and a web browser
  • 5 simultaneous guests/listeners on your show
  • Live chat with listeners
  • Promotional tools: share on social networks, embed on blog/iTunes
  • All shows archived as podcasts
  • Unlimited podcast storage

You can then upgrade as you grow and learn how to do podcasts. The first paying package starts at $39 a month (you can cancel it at any time) and that upgrades you to have a two hour show a day, ability to use skype for your show, upload recorded podcasts, edit and replace them etc.

The higher you go the more options they provide you and at the third tiers they now will "Feature" your show which used to be almost impossible to get which is advertised on the homepage. At the highest level you have a branded network which includes marketing and production services. So the ability to grow your show on the platform is feasible.

How to get started:

  • Have a phone and computer ready to use
  • Open an account for free or choose a package
  • Design your image that will show up in iTunes (use picmonkey.com if you don’t have software and make something like others you see)
  • Start your own test broadcast and just make it private so you can practice if needed
  • Download audacity and start learning how to use it
  • Start scheduling guests on your program


One last thing.....

The last thing I want to mention is where to get royalty free music you can use for intros and outros! YouTube of course has a ton of free music and can be used for a resource. Otherwise you will want to search the web for royalty free music. I am sad to say I just discovered my go to website I got most of my music from is no longer selling it! But the market is wide so you shouldn't have issues in finding music. To make your show professional I recommend finding someone to do a voice over introduction for you. This is what I did and that I believe is a big reason why my program received so much credibility.

Just before I wrote this blog I joined Blogtalkradio's Affiliate Program to see if I could get any deals to offer you and at the same time I would actually benefit in sharing this information with you. If you use the links below and sign up for a package you can get your first 30 days free no matter what package you choose!

Easily Create an Online Radio Show & Reach Millions Today! Get Started with BlogTalkRadio, FREE for 30 Days!

If this blog has been helpful to you please comment and let me know! I would love to offer a training course on using the platform if you would find that helpful! Having your own show is an amazing experience and I highly recommend starting it today!

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