What Made Them Successful In Life? My book update

I went back to school to get my degree and I was trying to apply for scholarships to get my college tuition paid for. I knew enough about who I was related to that I qualified to be a member of the DAR and they had some good scholarships I was interested in. I wasn’t able to get all the paperwork in on time, however, and honestly, the DAR wasn’t that helpful.

So even though I wasn’t able to get my college paid for I still wanted to put all of the pieces together in case I ever had kids and they needed a college education. So I had started building my family tree on ancestry.com and I had been working on this for about ten years and I started to get addicted to building my tree (which I know many people can relate).

It wasn’t until I found myself in place in my life where I felt I needed to understand success in life far better than I had, what makes people successful and what had made people in my own bloodline more successful than others, that I got interested in writing about it. I mean having your face buried in genealogy does make you start to question these things.

I have had some success in my life for sure, however, I felt I wanted to harness what determined great success, extraordinary success and what did that even mean? What is success and how does someone determine what success they achieve? Could it be possible to document and find similarities between all of these people? I also started to study Napoleon Hill whom I haven’t confirmed yet if I am related to although I was born with the same last name. Maybe I will get that one figured out at some point. His findings did have a huge effect on my life and I discovered those same things had profoundly determined some peoples success that I was familiar with. So in my writing, I wanted to create something different and something that takes you beyond his teachings.

So I started out writing a book on the success traits of those I happen to be related to that are well-known and in all honesty, I am not sure I can include all of them. This has been a long journey because I have wanted it to be something super cool others can use to create greater success in their lives with. So not only have I had to match up success traits, attempt to apply them to my own life to make sure they work and can be replicated also the research that has gone into the lives of these people has been immense. I plan on spending a good part of the end of the year working on it and I am hoping I will get in published soon!

Since anyone can say they are related to anyone they want to, I wanted to prove it. I then went and got my DNA tested because I wanted to have some proof that I was related to these people aside from just saying so and I also wanted to find out if I could add anyone else to my list.

I have heard people say that DNA determines your success in life because of all the wisdom passed down through generations. However, in my ancestry it really depends. Some of my relatives have inherited wealth, titles and were given their identity. Others were born with nothing and created it. Still, others didn’t become successful until they were given an opportunity to test their character.

It is interesting to me that I have so much royalty in my family, this I didn’t really expect although I knew King Henry II of the House of York, was a grandfather. I was able to match my DNA to the current living British Royal Family, King Henry II, The House of Bourbon on both sides of my family, and Birger Jarl some call the first king of Sweden. Even though the Monarchy in France is not currently in rule, the nice thing is that unlike the British Royal Family they do not eliminate titles of princesses if you intermarry with nonroyalty nor do they eliminate the title through generations. So in France in a court of law, I would legally be considered a princess. This does nothing for me as a person, however, doesn’t every woman want to be a princess? If France ever had a King again maybe I would move to France. 😊

Then I got the surprising news that I am also a little Gypsy. Which would come from the women on my grandmother’s side. I have fully embraced this reality and justified my enjoyment of things that sparkle, wearing sparkles and all things colorful.

So here is a current list of people I am attempting to include in the book I am writing. Some of them I know I am related to first from my family tree, others I know because my DNA matches. People seem to get caught up in this and it really doesn’t matter how I am related to them what matters is what I learn from them that I can translate into helpful information for all of us:

• Warren Buffett
• Jimmy Buffett
• Jimmy Doolittle, War Hero
• British Royal Family (living)
• King Henry II, including several of the family members including my grandfathers
• Duchess Elizabeth of York
• House of Warwick
• House of Neville
• The House of Bourbon (I am related both through King Henry II on my dad's side and also my mother's side through others)
• Leo Tolstoy
• Andrew Jackson
• Calvin Coolidge
• William Randolph Hearst
• Phoebe Apperson Hearst
• Birger Jarl (First King of Sweden)
• Captain John Smith, one of the first settlers in America
• John Parker (First to settle Dallas area)

I am still searching to see what other women I am related to because this is a pretty long list of mostly men. I could possibly include Cynthia Ann Parker but she was raised in the Comanche Indian tribe and was kidnapped as a child. (If you have ever seen Dances with Wolves that is sort of her story).

I feel like this journey chose me and I didn’t really choose it. I don’t get to choose who I am related to and in all honesty, throwing monarchy’s in there has made this a very interesting task.
The primary reason I wanted to write this blog is to give you the status of my book and really how it has been going, and what even led me to do this. Some traits I have noticed across the board that most of these people do is read. This is one reason I do my book club on IG TV. I really believe reading is HUGE when it comes to our personal growth. I will most definitely be making a list of books from these people available with the publishing of my book. I also feel like it might be good to provide a workbook to apply strategies to your life.

I hope this update has been interesting to read and I hope this turns out to be just as much fun for you as it is for me! I know my life has DEFINITELY changed for the better as I have applied the principles I am learning and I am really excited to share everything I have learned and started to put into practice. I hadn't really done an update since I got my DNA back from my mother's side of the family. I not only did my own but my uncle also did his so we could get all the information.

If  you have not taken on the task of getting your ancestry DNA done I highly recommend it. It has been the most interesting thing in the world! I also thought for many years my family was Jewish but they turned out to be Gypsy..go figure. Here is my breakdown:

British/Irish 49.9%
French/German 18.6%
Scandinavian 3.5%
Eastern European 1.1%
Iberian 0.6%
Broadly Northwestern European 21.3%
Broadly Southern European 2.2%
Broadly European 2.4%
North African & Arabian 0.3%



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