When “You Can’t Do That!” Fuel’s Greatness

Do you love to see when people accomplish the impossible? I do, in fact it is my driving passion behind much of what I do.  So today I wanted to give you some inspiration.

Yesterday I went to go see the movie “Eddie The Eagle” which was about a young man that had a dream to be in the Olympics since he was a little boy and the entire time was told he couldn’t do it and did not have what it took and even had health issues to overcome. Even in his victories he was told he wasn’t good enough. The reality is though he did have what it took because being an Olympian is not about winning but about not giving up.

I loved that throughout his life no matter what sport he discovered he couldn’t do he always treated it as the process of discovery rather than closed doors to his dreams. Each failure was a stepping stone instead of a dead end.

I could relate so much with this movie because although I did not struggle with physical disabilities, when I was young I discovered I had dyslexia and a dream to speak and write for a living to inspire others. If you know anyone who has had to overcome this, their story will be similar to mine. You are told you are dumb, you will never do anything that requires intellect but I think I speak for most dyslexic’s when I say you learn the power of dreaming, proving the world wrong and what it is to overcome.

I was lucky enough to have decent teachers in a private school that helped me to overcome my reading and writing issues and turn those weaknesses into a high IQ. But it has taken years for me to learn how to get my words out in communication and to turn that weakness to a strength. I think it was Henry Ford who also had dyslexia said, “Everybody who works for me can read better than I can, speak better than I can, do math better than I can . . . but I work harder than they do.”

The amazing thing about having something in your life you must overcome is that it fuels you with a passion so great, so deep down inside that not only will you never give up you will eventually turn that weakness to strength.

I often wonder if everything came easy to me if I would  have  accomplished half of the things that I have. There are those with great talent that have not learned how to work hard that are easy to pass along the way. I cannot say if I did not have the obstacles in my face and people telling me “You will never” that I would have had the same drive to prove them all wrong.  I have heard more than once, “You and your dreams.” But it takes a dreamer to understand a dreamer.

I took my dreams and went after them, I have spoken to groups as large as 3,000 and if you count my podcast 69,000. Then wrote and published three books. Am I done yet? Absolutely not! I have a dream to help other dreamers do the same!

One thing you can be sure of is that there is always a way. No matter how many people tell you that you can’t, even if you don’t have the skill or talent, if you work harder than everyone else and you are open to using your failures as stepping stones to new opportunities and paths there is no way you will fail. At each turn whenever someone tells you that you can’t or it is not good enough if you let it be fuel for your hustle you will not only accomplish your dreams but you will do the impossible.

It is easy to take the default route in life that the majority follows, and it will cost you everything to fulfill your dreams. But don’t think about the difficulty, ask yourself “Is it worth it?” Life is difficult no matter what but not everything in life that we have options to do is “worth it.”  My dreams inspire me and those that say it cannot be done are what fuel me and I would have it no other way.

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