Your Purpose Is Not Found Above The Neck


In our society, where we are on social media every day, we have television station galore, movies are at our fingertips, fast food, microwaves and everything is instant gratification I believe many struggle with finding their purpose because they are seeking the thrill ride that instant gratification provides instead of what produces fulfillment.

We see people portraying a perfect life as a 24/7 high and every day using your brain to its full capacity. However, I want to present a different perspective. Anything with a lot of risks can give you a high and can provide lots of activity. But the only way that it becomes fulfilling is if it is somehow connected to your personal significance and woven into the story of your life. The difference is if your heart is in it or not.

Your purpose is not found above the neck! When it comes to figuring out one’s purpose so many people will try to do so using their brain. They will assess what their skills are, what they are good at and go after what they value. But then they discover they are unhappy where they are at and the reality of what they are doing is unfulfilling.

Discovering your purpose is not a puzzle to figure out on paper. In fact, it can be much of a process of trying something, seeing if it works and learning from it. But today I want to give you something more to go by...

Often we ask ourselves “What do I want to be?” But this question leads us down the wrong path because it emphasizes what we “want” and wants are fleeting. You may feel an excitement as you go after something you “want” but then when you are doing the work it is not something that is fulfilling for ten years, the excitement ends and you must go after the next "want". When you instead approach this question by asking “What should I be” it implies a moral and aspirational imperative.  When we go after our wants they are self-indulgent, but when we go after what we relate to emotionally and deeply that produces passion and can bring great fulfillment for a lifetime.

So as you begin to discover what you should be in life don’t just ask yourself what you are good at. Instead, start by asking yourself what you believe in, what are your principles. Your principles define who you are.

Who you are is more important than what you do. The goal is to bring what you do into alignment with who you are so that you don’t end up being what you do not want to be. Fulfillment of our principles and who we are at our core that brings fulfillment.

If you want to go deeper into this topic in your life download my free worksheet on finding your gifts (which will give you much more than just that) on this website at the time of this writing. It is part of my Thrive Coaching and I believe it will help guide you in the right direction no matter if you are rewriting your purpose or want to take an assessment at where you are at. Are you going after a high, or are you fulfilling your principles

Discover Your Purpose

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