2017 A Year To Change

storyHappy New Year! Although I didn’t post a video today I felt like I wanted to write a short blog for the New Year. Also I noticed that you have been asking me to write more. So here is my blog for today. This blog is a bit different because I want to share my own shift in gears for my own life and hoping that some of my own transparency will challenge you to think how you can change as well

Have you ever felt yourself stuck in a routine that wasn’t serving your dreams and goals? Maybe you have realized that if you don’t make a change that you are never going to get new results. But it’s not easy to change your life because we do things for a reason and we choose to live how we have for a reason.

I don’t think there is anyone that is on the planet right now that has decided to live the way they do without concrete evidence and good reasons of why they have chosen that path. Sometimes it comes down to simple comfort but I think for most it comes down to the truth they tell themselves about their life and the conclusions they have drawn.

I came to the conclusion in my own life that if I am to be more successful at what I want to create in my life I need to become more social and work on my networking skills. Now I have a lot of experience in the business world considering I worked in relationship management, I have networked with some of the most powerful executives out there, and on top of that I have done a lot of public speaking and ministering to people. But I am still a natural introvert and I have to push myself to be social. Now most people don’t see me as an introvert because I am outgoing but generally the last thing I would want to do is go out to be in a group of people anywhere.

But because I want to create a world that is full of rich relationships, being able to interact with people from various backgrounds and I truly want to work with others to see lives changed I realized that I needed to grow and stretch myself. I also realized that if I added just a little bit more social tendency to my life I would be far more interesting as a human being.

So I started New Year’s off by going to the biggest New Year’s Eve Celebration I could find, much to the shock and laughter of some of my closest friends. I mean I have quite a reputation of being your solid, walk a straight line, do no wrong type of gal, they also know I am not that social. So it is my extreme opposite to be at any real party where people are drinking the night away I suppose. Although I will say in the corporate world that was my normal, which most people didn’t really realize because for so long I separated my two worlds. One that was more “church world” and one that was your typical “business constant networking and traveling world” and the business world always consisted of tons of parties. Of course it was never what I loved about my job but I did have to attend a lot of these events.

So this particular event pretty much flopped for everyone in attendance; I mean I had several people I had met that told me what a horrible time they were having so I knew I wasn’t the only one. It seemed to be mostly a really young crowd and closer to a high school dance than an adult party per say. But I succeeded in stretching myself in an environment I had never been in before and I met a lot of new people. This was my mission, to meet people and make friends and I was successful.

There is a tendency especially for introverts to only spend time with people like ourselves and to be in a bubble of a world that keeps us from all others. I think it is important to go out into the world and meet as many people from differing backgrounds, beliefs, ways of life and differing views as possible. I think that this has a way of growing us in ways that sticking to one “tribe” of people can.

Differences can cause us to want to separate ourselves from others, or if we are confident in who we are, our differences stop mattering as much.

One of my major goals for 2017 is to continue to stretch myself by going to events I normally wouldn’t. To be far more social than I normally would and work on my social have fun skills in the process. By the end of the year I am hoping that I will gain much more of a balanced life when it comes to work and play. This doesn’t mean you will find me at every party out there, I mean it was New Year’s Eve. But you will find me where I haven’t been in the past, that is for sure.

Addressing areas we need to change is never easy, but it is possible. It is never comfortable, but that is part of the process of changing. There is nothing like massive action of proven strategy to set it into gear.

How are you challenging yourself to change this year? Let’s choose to become better people and work towards creating even better lives.

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