7 Keys That Will Determine Your Success

Have you ever wondered what sets successful people apart from those that aren’t successful?

Successful people have one trait that really sets them apart from those that are not successful.

They believe that whatever they set their mind to, it can be done. It’s having the faith that whatever you do will succeed.

Those that fail come up with all the reasons why it’s not going to work, all the reasons why they don’t have enough resources, all the reasons why they’re going fail.

This can be a challenge for a lot of us, especially if you are stepping into something that is new territory and you don’t know all the facts.

Today you can begin to train your mind to be one of those successful people who believe that whatever they do, if they persist, that they will succeed. Let me show you how!

Let’s start with the top ways to train your mind for success:

1. Define what you want in life:

What do you want in the next three years? Come up with those goals in all areas of your life. If you don’t have any goals you have no destination to reach and nothing to be successful at.

Take five minutes today and write out what you would do if you had no limitations.

2. Be Grateful:

You then want to be thankful for those things every day as if they already exist, you want to feel those emotions as if you already have what you are believing for and be grateful for them as if you already have them.

This is part of the process of believing so that you see these things coming to pass in your life.I want to be clear on what I am talking about here. It’s not just like this spooky spiritual thing, you’re really just choosing to believe and open your eyes to the opportunities that are already around you.

There’s low hanging fruit all around you ready for you to succeed, but you have to begin to believe it in order to be able to see these things. It’s like buying a brand new car, you never saw that car before, then you bought the car, then all of a sudden you see that car everywhere, why?

Because suddenly you’ve become aware of that car.This process will also bring great happiness into your life because you’re not delaying your happiness for later when you get these things, you’re already feeling these emotions now.

3. Be open to being led:

Next, you want to keep your mind and your heart opened to hunches or solutions that would come your way or opportunities.

You will begin to get open doors and they might be something small, but you want to go for it.

Because you’re already cultivating that atmosphere of belief and faith, and when you do that, these opportunities are just going automatically open up to you-many that have been there all along.

4. Facing failure:

When you fail, you have to realize that everyone’s faith is tested. I don’t care what you were believing for, I don’t care who you are, your faith will always be tested.

But if you are determined and you believe that it’s going to work out, then you’re going to succeed, there’s no other option, it’s just a matter of time.

If you reach failure, you can take a step back and reassess your plans and determine if they are as solid as they need to be.

Maybe you need to go back and review your strategy, review your plans, and be sensitive to any new direction and really think about how you need to maneuver this time.

Most people when they fail say, “Well this is not working, I’m not going do it.” So you don’t want to approach it from that perspective, instead, you want to say, “Okay, this is not working.

I had a moment of failure, but I’m going to move forward because eventually, I’m going get a breakthrough. Eventually this is going to work, eventually, this will pay off.”

5. Create A Burning Desire:

You want to cultivate a burning desire in your heart for the things you are going after.

That’s part of the reason why you’re becoming very grateful for these things every day because it will produce in you a burning desire to see them come to pass.

Those that do not have a burning desire for the things they are going after, don’t create amazing things. If you have just a little tiny bit of a desire for something, you’re going to create a very little tiny result.People ask me, “Aimee, how do I get motivated? I’m a procrastinator.”

There’s no such thing as procrastination. I heard Eric Thomas say this once, “If I had a million dollars and I asked you to meet me at McDonald’s to give it to you, you’d be there in five minutes.

So you don’t have a problem with procrastination, you have a problem with your priorities.A big part of that is that you don’t have enough of a desire for that thing, so if you don’t have enough of a desire to go after your dreams, then you cannot blame anyone else for them not coming to pass. So you have to cultivate your desire for your dreams.

Successful people have one trait that really sets them apart from those that are not successful. They believe that whatever they set their mind to, it can be done.

6. Know you why:

Realize why you are doing what you are doing. What is your why?

It’s part of cultivating that desire in your heart to see results. Why are you going after these things, why are you producing these things, and that desire inside you will fuel you to continue on and it will keep you motivated and you won’t have any issues with procrastination if it’s a deep, deep desire for you.

7. Your thoughts create your reality:

When you begin to doubt, remember this, whatever a man or a woman believes, that’s what’s going to happen.

Your life right now is a result of every decision that you’ve ever made and every decision you’ve ever made is the result of your thought processes which is your belief system and what’s going on in your mind.

If you think about it, absolutely everything that’s ever been created whether it’s a business, whether it’s a lamp in my room, whether it’s a piece of art on my wall, whether it’s the couch in my living room, it all started with one person that had a thought.

It’s pretty powerful if you start to think about it. Just one person had a thought about the television and they created it. Just one person had a thought about the vehicle and they created it.

One person had a thought about wouldn’t it be nice to have a comfortable bed and they created it.

So these are all things that have been created by thoughts. Everything in our life starts with a thought.

If you have trouble eating chocolate cake, let’s say that’s your addiction, that is because you are thinking about chocolate cake, I guarantee it.

You are thinking about chocolate cake and it is on your mind. Maybe you saw a commercial and you were like, “That looks good,” and you begin to think about and meditate on that chocolate cake until it’s in front of you.

But if you begin to meditate on other things, and feed your mind with other things, then you begin to shift your focus.

It’s not a question of whether or not you have faith, it’s a question of whether or not you are focusing your faith on the negative or the positive. How are you using your faith? Because whatever, what you are focused on, that’s what you’re producing in your life today.

This is why it’s so important to realize that we need to shift our focus, to be able to focus on the positive and the outcomes that we want in our life because we have the power to produce whatever we want in our lives.

Remember, faith is not the power to get what you want, faith is the power to go after what you want and make it happen.

It requires determination, it requires that passion inside your heart, and that obsession inside your heart, and really knowing why you’re going after what you’re going after.

Unless you have that, and you cultivate that through faith, you’ll never achieve your dreams.

So today, choose to become a successful person, and just like the successful people out there, begin to believe that whatever you do is going to succeed.

Just believe that even if you see failure along the way, eventually you are going to see a breakthrough, you’re eventually going to succeed, and you will.

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