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Many people have dreams of being happy, achieving their dreams, and creating their best life. But they struggle because they don’t know how where to start.

I help others walk through healing in their lives like I have then I empower them to create their best life.

I am a strategic intervention coach, serial entrepreneur and a digital marketer. I am the author of 3 books, and host of Thrive radio. 

When I started out as a coach I knew I wanted to help people to succeed in business and in life but I didn’t know exactly what that would look like…

I had built my own business selling over 2 million dollars of product, I had at one time been a minister and ran my own nonprofit, I had 7 years experience working in business management for a consulting firm serving Fortune 500 clients, my podcast hit #5 in the nation in business in 2019, I wrote and published 3 books and I had started to teach people how to make money online with Amazon…

But something was missing…

It was at this time in my life when I had discovered that I had been verbally abused my entire life, I was in a permanent state of fight or flight that had caused my health to deteriorate fast, and I needed to heal myself. I had Cptsd and I was suffering with flashbacks, anxiety, and depression.

Overachieving had become a way that I was trying to get the love I never got until I was able to heal myself. Now instead of being a workaholic, I balance my life with hobbies and work less relying on things like marketing automation to give me more time and becoming a huge fan of meditation and mindfulness. 

I attended Tony Robbins UPW in 2019 during the end of my recovery and it was then that I decided that I wanted to use my story of now healing myself of Cptsd, recovering from abuse and creating self love to help others. I went back to training to become a strategic intervention life coach through Robbins Madanes. 

In that same year I went back to school and became a certified digital marketer, took a job as a Marketing Director for a TV Program in 2018 that allowed me to run a team and build a marketing strategy for someone else and then I decided I wanted to help others succeed online.

I am now both a life coach and a business coach, helping people create their best life through strategic intervention, mindfulness, mental health awareness and bringing to the table my digital marketing skills and strong background in business to help others build their dreams online. 

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  • Industry Practitioner TMT, C&IP – Deloitte
  • E-Commerce Marketing Specialist – Digital Marketer
  • Customer Acquisition Specialist (Facebook/Google Ads) – Digital Marketer
  • Customer Value Optimization Specialist – Digital Marketer
  • Email Marketing Specialist – Digital Marketer
  • Search Marking Specialist – Digital Marketer
  • Social Media & Community Specialist – Digital Marketer
  • Direct Response – Copyrighting Specialist – Digital Marketer
  • Webmaster Designer – Bellevue Community College
  • Programmer Oracle, SQL Server, XML, ASP, C++, XCode – Bellevue Community College

Professional Training

  • Strategic Client Communications – Deloitte University/ Harvard Instructors
  • Business Chemistry, Using Science To Improve The Art of Relationships – Deloitte University/Harvard Instructors
  • Driving Innovation To Clients/Mindset of A World Class Innovator – Deloitte University/Harvard Instructors
  • BS Degree Professional Development, Southwestern University


  • Strategic Intervention Life Coaching- Robbins Madanes
  • Counseling Psychology – Southwestern University
  • Mentoring and Mobilizing Leadership – Southwestern University
  • Other: Minister from 2008-2016 (Bible College 8 years), Commissioned by Glory of Zion

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