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Deloitte Consultant 2007 -2013

Over 10,000 project hours in Telecom, Media, Consumer Business, Industrial Products, Federal Government, Energy, Health Care
Area: Strategic Relationship Management and Marketing

Some Clients Served included NIKE, Amazon, T-Mobile, Costco, Bill Gates Foundation, Vulcan/Paul Allen, Univar, Puget Sound Energy, Federal Government, RealNetworks, Expedia etc.

Client Service Plans included solving the problems of CEOs with services, then creating marketing to sell those services, presenting these solutions to Partners.

RFPs/Proposals/Orals: Development of proposals, orals and RFP responses. Winning projects worth up to $54 Million

Account Management: internal management of accounts through project management, development of training, onboarding teams. onsite project management and designing the strategy and vision for the account.

- Wise Women facilitator for all key C-Suite Women in the NW
-Alumni & Client Event Facilitator for NIKE, T-Mobile and Amazon

Formal Education Deloitte University/Harvard Business School
- Strategic Client Communications
- Business Chemistry, Using Science To Improve The Art of Relationships
- Driving Innovation To Clients
- Mindset of A World Class Innovator
- Strategic Relationship Management For Business Development
- Certified Industry Practitioner in Telecom, Media, Consumer Business and Industrial Products

Few Highlights:
- Briefed on the capture of Bin Laden by the team who proposed where he was located. Learned crisis communication and how to respond with precise information when under pressure.

-Managed the largest account in the nation

-Led the Global Account Management Initiative

Startups and Consulting Work:

Progressly – Startup in Silicon Valley: Designed business knowledge flows for their launch

HB Investments: Processed audit for retirement plans of investors

Ryan Tax Firm: Trained developed, and created their proposal team. Managed new team in India due to M&A, developed a growth plan for COO, served as interim functional manager, cross-cultural communications, and managed workflow. 

Kenneth Copeland: Managed marketing for all external written communications, social media growth and won him a silver play button from YouTube. Key in the raising of funds for the purchase of Tyler Perry’s airplane, specifically in charge of donation letters. TV Hosting as needed.

Benny Hinn: Marketing manager. Managed direct mail marketing, copy writing, donations, product fulfillment. 

Larry Huch: Marketing Director and digital marketing for television program. 

My Businesses

  • Former CEO, AMM Nonprofit (Published 3 books, podcast 75K listeners, speaker and minister)
  •  Network Marketing Business (Over 3 Million in Sales)
  • Aimee’s Spa (Invented an anti-aging cream and sell other spa products)
  • A Call To Thrive LLC
  • Distinctive Webdesign
  • BargainGate ECommerce

Other Education Beyond Deloitte/Harvard

- BS Degree, Professional Development, Southwestern University
- Counseling & Psychology. Southwestern University
- Robbins Madanes, Strategic Intervention Coaching
- Web Development, SQL, Oracle, ASP, xCode, Bellevue Community College

Digital Marketing Certifications

- Ecommerce Marketing Specialist
- Customer Acquisition Specialist
- Value Optimization Specialist
- Email Marketing Specialist
- Search Marketing Specialist (SEM)


I started as a minister formally in 1997 and worked in others organizations, the charities I have worked for are too numerous to list.

I started my own nonprofit in 2008, published 3 books and began traveling around helping people in their lives and ministering. Also promoted others on my own podcast and grew it to about 75,000 listeners (not to be confused with my current podcast). This included pastoring many many people. 

My BS degree in professional development and counseling psychology helped me to prepare for my current coaching. 

My father sold Tony Robbins programs since I was 13 years old. Without realizing it he conditioned me to live everything Tony teaches. I attended my first UPW in 2019 and walked on fire like my father. When I decided to be a coach my dad gave me all his products to get me started. I then went on to get training in strategic intervention and human needs psychology through Robbins-Madanes to officially become a coach. I have added to this NLP as well. 

After my own healing of narcissistic abuse, cPTSD and trauma I now help others get the same results that I did with the tools I have gained both through professional training and my own experience. 

Fun Facts


Famous Relatives

William Randolph Hearst - I am related to William Randolph Hearst through his mother Phoebe Apperson Hearst who is my 1st cousin. Phoebe is most popular for starting the PTA.

Jimmy Doolittle - War Hero is my grandma's first cousin he used to pick my grandmother up and do fun airplane tricks. I have many pilots in my family including my father.

Elder John Parker is my 5th Great Grandfather. He was a Texas Ranger, first to settle Dallas. His son Benjamin Parker is my 4th Great Grandfather. Quanah Parker the last Indian Chief of the Comanche Indians is also my cousin, as I am related through his mother.

King Henry II - He is a distant grandfather and uncle. I am related to him about 3 ways. One of his descendants came to America and settled the Vermont area which I am a descendant from. I wasn't sure this was a fact until I got my DNA tested because paperwork can be unreliable.

Others just through DNA testing: Warren Buffett, Jimmy Buffett, Leo Tolstoy, Andrew Jackson, Calvin Coolidge, Thomas Jefferson, Princess Diana, Prince Harry, King Henry II etc


Lived in Italy Off and On

Mostly doing charity work and volunteering as an interpreter as I was fluent in Italian. Yes, I was kidnapped in Sicily by the Mafia and escaped.


Formal Performing Achievements

Aside from most recently doing some TV hosting I have performed in some off broadway productions with actors such as Grant Goodeve and was trained by one of Alfred Hitchcock's students for stage and movie production. At the time they asked me to move to LA and start movies but instead I moved to Italy and did charity work.
Trained in opera, stage, and contemporary music. Performed in front of up to about 2,000 people and national television. Dancing has mostly included modern, Jazz, ballet, and most recently my own fun hobby of belly dancing and salsa. I no longer do any professional performing.


Artist Background

I have taken art mostly from instructors at the Seattle Art Institute, but really am self taught. I grew up watching my mother create as she was in public relations and drew everything before computers existed. So I grew up in the art studio and art has always been a big part of who I am. Today I have my own art for sale and have been accepted into an art gallery.


Celebrity Coach Training

I was trained by Benny Perez, Judah Smith, Tim Storey and others who have predominately helped coach celebrities and public figures. Which allowed me to do much of the same in my own coaching practice as well as my professional work. Many know Judah Smith as Justin Bieber's pastor and I served as his backup for speaking. Many of those I have worked for in marketing I have also coached.

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