Alignment and Mental Clarity To Level Up with JB The Wizard

JB The Wizard is a coach and consultant for high achievers who still feel like something is missing. His journey of acting, directing, and producing brought him to coaching High-Achievers, CEO’s, & Celebrities on Alignment and Mental Clarity for the purpose of LEVELING UP in life and business.   In this podcast you will learn: – The definition of mindfulness – Why it is important to see ourselves as our future self – Why you feel like something is missing even when you achieve a lot – How to practice mindfulness daily – How to process emotions versus just reacting to what you feel – Tips on getting mental clarity and how that helps you level up Connect with Master JB here: IG @JBtheWizard FB @JBtheWizard Tiktok @JBtheWizard LinkedIn @JBtheWizard Podcast:

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