Amazon FBA Private Label Step by Step Process (Updated Version 2)

Amazon FBA Private Label


So you found a product you want to sell on Amazon? But now what? Do you just buy it online or are you missing vital details?

The reality is many people fail because they don’t know what they should be doing, and how to do it! You can potentially get a product you didn’t ask for or worse get all of your funds stolen!
That is why I have put this blog together, to guide you step by step through the process of getting your product to Amazon.


The first thing you need to know about buying product from a supplier in China is that the products they display on websites like alibaba are made with the cheapest materials possible….


…It is meant to be a starting point and does not guarantee quality. Most people do not realize this and then they end up with really bad reviews and end up losing money. To solve this problem make sure you educate yourself on the materials you can upgrade a product with.


The next problem you will face when working with a manufacturer in China is they are going to be focused on the sale…


…and if they think you are a individual just selling on Amazon they will try to take advantage of you if you don’t know what you are doing to make more money. To solve this problem position yourself as a business, such as Walmart or Sear whom they sell to and know the tools you need in order to do this.


If that wasn’t enough if you don’t understand how to ship a product, work with a forwarder and understand how to properly communicate you may get your product stuck in customs or worse yet nobody will work with you….
Make sure you are educated and know exactly what to say to a forwarder and a manufacturer so you are seen as a professional and not ignored or taken advantage of
The other important thing to understand when choosing a manufacturer is that they have the right certifications….


….If you don’t understand what these are you may end up paying a business that supports slave labor. I have seen thousands of products being sold on Amazon that are supporting suppliers that are into slave labor, not giving workers water or breaks, employing children, and abuse….


….. Understand the certifications, what they mean and why your manufacturer needs them


When you go on a website like Alibaba not every company that is listed is a manufacturer…


…..Many of them are suppliers who get products from manufacturers.


This is important to know because they often say they manufacture and do not, they charge you higher prices and cannot deliver when you need them to because they are not the ones making the products. Make sure you know who you are hiring and that it is truly a manufacturer.


The final thing I want to mention in this blog is before you choose a product to sell on Amazon….


……understand that it is not just about the data it is also about understanding the quality of product others are selling…


…how they have upgraded, and how you will beat the competition. This cannot be done just by competing on price or color. It also must show up in your business model. Understand how to innovate in business to beat the competition.



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