Book Launch Team

I would like to personally invite you to be part of an exciting new community I am putting together for the launch of my new book titled “From Impossible To Unlimited Success: Your Accelerated Breakthrough!” This team is paramount in launching this book and I really want to share the experience with a core group of special people!
The benefits to you are:
  • You will get chapters of the book to read in advance before it is published and able to provide your comments and feedback.
  • You will receive a copy of the published version in advance
  • You will be able to engage with a great community of individuals going after their dreams and connect with them in an exclusive group on Facebook
  • You will get my bonus material first before anyone else!
  • Invitation to an exclusive live webinar where you will be able to connect with me and discuss the topic of success and finding your purpose
  • Help me get the word out about my new book and be part of the experience on Launch Day!
  • Access to amazing incentives and awards the first week of my book launch in exchange for the amount of books you are able to get purchased.
I am so excited about putting this community together! I know that some of you have already joined and I am so excited you have decided to be part of this group!
If you would like to be part of this group please apply by filling out this questionnaire.questionnaire.
I realize that this group is only for those who are passionate about success, fulfillment, creating the life they desire and helping others do the same. The message I am writing I believe will literally change the lives of thousands and that there are thousands of people waiting for this message. There are many who really desire to succeed, to find their purpose and want to live out their dreams but they just haven’t understood what was holding them back.
This book will not only guide each person through the process of finding what they are called to do, but will give them the wisdom and understanding they need to accomplish it and be who they need to be in order to see their dreams realized.
I hope you take time to consider this opportunity and being part of a much larger purpose than just another book, but releasing people into their dreams.
Again, if you would like to be considered for this group please apply by filling out this questionnaire.questionnaire.
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