Our Case Studies

Below are a list of some of our clients and how we were able to help them. 

High Profile Public Figure

Kenneth Copeland

Problem: They needed to increase donors and improve their donor program. They also were getting no traction on YouTube and with TV slowly going away they needed to ramp up their online presence. They launched a new TV Network and only had 12 people watching. 

Solution: I took over the partner program to optimize it, as well as their annual report. I managed their fund raising efforts for the purchase of Tyler Perry’s airplane, which was a success. I also optimized their YouTube Channels, won them YouTube Awards and they now have about half a million watching. 

High Profile Public Figure

Larry Huch

Problem: With viewers dramatically declining on their TV Show they hired me to come in and grow their online presence and increase their donors. 

Solution: I grew their online presence by 900%, put lead generation in place, grew their list by thousands with Facebook Ads, and filled events to overflowing. I also redesigned their website for optimal conversion and conducted an SEO Audit to get more organic traffic. 

High Profile Public Figure

Benny Hinn

Problem: They were years behind in paying vendors, 9 years behind in product fulfillment and needed to increase donations. 

Solution: I resolved their 9 year back log of product fulfillment, took over their donation letters to increase revenue, and moved them to a new fulfillment center. 

Change Management Coach

Kevin Berchelmann

Problem: Client came to us because he was used to getting leads through networking. His ideal client’s were CEO’s. He made one six figure sale a year. With the pandemic networking had become more difficult and he needed to get more business. 

Solution: We created a marketing strategy for him to reach and build relationships online with C-Suite. As a result he was back in business and had mo more struggles getting clients. 

Meditation Coach

Jason Stephenson


Problem: Client launched an online course that was not very successful. With millions of followers they only sold 40. 

Solution: I created a 400 page audit of their course, sales funnels, avatars and surveyed their community. As a result they were able to identify what they needed to change to sell their program. I also set up their Amazon store. 

Career Coach

Don Oehlert

Problem: Needed more leads and to create more revenue. Ideal client was executives. 

Solution: We worked with him to create a marketing strategy he could implement within his budget. We started by getting more organic traffic to his website. Then we created a plan to generate more leads into his business through automation.  

Mindset Coach


Problem: His coaching business was new. As an engineer he wanted to get clients so he could leave his day job. 

Solution: We developed a personalized plan for getting clients on Linkedin. As a result he averaged 7 new clients a week. 

EWater Health Emporium

Patrick Smith

Problem: Wanted to increase revenue by half a million by year end. 

Solution: We implemented the eCommerce Ecosystem to increase organic sales by 30%. We launched retargeting ads and brand awareness ads, added email campaigns and created new content for their website. Finally we conducted a SEO Audit and increased organic traffic to their site. Hired me twice for strategy and asked I come on as Fractional CMO. 

Sales Coach

Dan Deigan

Problem: Facebook Ads were not converting

Solution: We wrote a video sales script for his Facebook ads and updated his landing page copy. We also coached him on who to target to get better ROI. 

Own It

Alyse Gualin

Justin Roethlingshoefer

Problem: They wanted a rebrand of their business and purchased Story Brand.  Struggling with combining fitness with mindset coaching. They also did not want to create a sales page for their services but informational as they are targeting corporations.

Solution: We started with Story Brand but they didn’t feel it fit what they were trying to do. So I wrote sales copy for their website, gave them recommendations of how to create a high converting website. They did not take all of my advice as far as layout and did not use all of the copy,  but were able to use much of what I provided. https://ownitcoaching.com/

Fitness Company

Thomas Wells

Problem: They were running a cross country cycling program during the pandemic and could not get their ads to convert. 

Solution: I took over their ads, created better targeting, updated their strategy and they succeeded at meeting their attendance goals. 

Fitness Coach

Erik Wilkins

Problem: Launched his fitness coaching during the pandemic and while working full-time in the Army. Needed help to launch and get clients. 

Solution: We reviewed all of his programs he had in place, narrowed down a funnel to design. At the time he had met me while I freelanced with another agency. Once they built the funnel he came to me to do the rest of his marketing. We created a strategy for him to get clients and fill his business. He is a current client and we are continuing to build his business. 

Transformation Coach

Orion Ohev

Problem: Needed a strategy to get more clients into his business. 

Solution: We created a 90 Day Game Plan for his business using Facebook ads and a sales funnel. Then I stayed and coached him and his team through the implementation process. I also provided backup strategy in case he wanted to shift his strategy. He is currently implementing the plan. 

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