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The Secret To A Successful Marketing Strategy For Your Business

You are just 3 steps away from accessing your marketing blueprint for your business! 

When you schedule a free consultation we will meet to identify your businesses specific marketing needs and create a plan to start getting you clients as fast as possible!

Step 1: Schedule a call

Schedule a time for us to meet. This is a FREE consultation to discuss how I can partner with you to design a marketing strategy for your business. 


We need to make sure that you qualify for my help! Fill in the intake form to let me know where you are at with your business.


On this strategy call we will discuss where your business is at and how my services may be able to help you start scaling.  

The top mistakes coaches and consultants make when trying to get clients online:

Have you are someone you know made these mistakes?

  • Spending tons of money on sales funnels and software but never making money.
  • Running ads and getting traffic but not converting that traffic into clients. 
  • Growing your social media only to discover it takes a lot more to sell your products because nobody is buying. 
  • Having a slow growing email list or one that is not buying from you regularly
  • Getting caught up in launching courses but not producing an income in between. 
  • Filling your calendar with coaching and realizing you are sacrificing what matters to build your business. 

"Aimee is right on point, I am confident she know's her business. Prior to meeting with her I didn't know what direction I should take, and now I have an action plan for the next three years. I am thankful she took time to meet with me, money well spent as far as I am concerned. I would not hesitate to refer her."


Millionaire Real Estate Executive

How I can help you get clients and scale your business

There are 10 stages in the customer journey for every business. Most coaches only focus on 2 stages, and lose over 97% of the people that are not ready to buy their services on the spot.

From the time a person becomes aware of you and your business, your ability to move them smoothly thru the customer journey is dependent on conversion copywriting, building relationships digitally, systems, and automations.

As a result of my coaching, you will have a detailed digital marketing strategy for your business including what should be implemented in each phase of your marketing funnel to start getting you a consistent stream of clients, keep you from losing customers already visiting your website, from social media, and turn strangers from social media into customers and raving fans.

Together we will uncover hidden opportunities to reduce the cost of acquiring new clients and maximize the customer lifetime value by continuing to sell them more offers, in the form up up sales, down sales, cross promotions, bundled packages and joint ventures.

So what are you waiting for? Book a FREE consultation today and let's design your strategy to start getting you more clients!

Prefer to do it on your own? Join my membership training!

If you would rather learn how to create your own marketing strategy and build it yourself. You can take any of my online courses that will walk you through the process. Join my monthly membership and get access to the courses below and and more!


I loved my coaching experience with Aimee Montgomery. She has very helpful life skills, openly shares, listens, offers feedback, I never felt rushed, and I get the definite sense it is her passion to help others with the knowledge she has obtained through her own experiences. She's amazing, in my good opinion.



I feel so excited to have found Aimee!! As I struggled with getting traffic to my blog and making an income. Now I have a solid business that is supporting me!

Nancy Trater


I invented my own product and wanted to launch it online. Aimee helped me with importing, my patent process, trademarks, communicating with suppliers, and the launch of my product. My business is now a six figure business!!!

Steven Koe

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