How To Start Getting Clients From Social Media Without It Sucking Up All Your Time, Even If You Tried Before And It Didn't Work



Let me know if this sounds like you?

  • You tried social media and it didn’t work
  • You are sick and tired of posting to social media day in and day out with little or no results
  • You get most of your leads through referrals or in person networking
  • You succeeded in getting people into your email list but nobody buys
  • You feel frustrated about the time it has taken to grow your social media accounts
  • You sell B2B so you are not sure how to harness marketing online for your business
  • You tried using ads with little to no results

Social media can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process. That’s why I created my Customer Acquisition System, which takes you step-by-step through the process of how to grow your business harnessing social platforms like Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram without wasting hours every day only for it not to produce a single lead!

You’ll learn about what works best to gain followers and turn them into leads, what systems you need in place for it to work and how to avoid getting people in your list that don’t buy from you.  Best of all, it will NOT suck all of your precious time up!


When I first started my coaching business, even with my B2B sales and marketing expertise, I had no idea how to make the online thing work.
I understood the basics; I needed a lead magnet, I needed to run ads, I needed to create content. But I learned really quickly that I was missing what worked. Then one day, I got a viral video on YouTube, and things began to change. My community told me what they wanted me to create, and life got a little bit easier. . .

. . .except I was a one-hit-wonder.

I succeeded at launching a course and making money, but then what? I couldn’t just sell one course and open it once a year. People slowly stopped buying and weren’t as interested as they once were.

I knew that I had to create recurring revenue and get a consistent stream of clients.

 I went back to working a regular job doing marketing for public figures on TV. I got to see what they did and learned from their success behind the scenes. 

I went back to school to become a digital marketer and, fast forward, ended up as a CMO managing a digital marketing team. It wasn’t until I went through that entire process that I finally understood what worked and why.


Knowing my frustrations when I tried to get clients online when I first started my coaching business, I knew I could help other coaches. I then launched my digital marketing agency during the pandemic to do just that. And in my first month, I was able to get 20 clients.

You don’t need to become a digital marketer like I did to succeed. Now I freely show other coaches and consultants what works!

The truth is that it is not hard to do! Once you know how to make it work and set it up, it can work for you for years to come!

I have built a system that gets me new leads and clients from social media every single day.

How my program works

The digital marketing world is one of the most dynamic and fast-paced worlds you’ll ever enter. It can be hard to keep up with all that’s happening, let alone what will happen next!

But I have a solution for you – why not rely on me to give you what works? I am here every step along your journey of getting more leads and more clients; so whether it’s creating content or executing an entire marketing campaign–you don’t need to worry about if you are doing it right or not!

My membership program is simple, choose the program that works for you! 

Whether it be the basic, core or elite level – each one offers instant access to a new course every month which includes done-for your templates so all you have left over is doing what’s best for YOUR clients!

When you invest in one of the higher level memberships, not only will you get access to live strategy calls every month but also my mastermind where I share insights into what’s working now and strategies that are exclusive for this group.

So if you are fed up with wasting time on social media and getting NO clients join me inside . . .


On the next page you will get to chose from 3 different packages that fit your needs the best. 


Once you join you will get INSTANT access to the courses. Please check your junk mail for your welcome email. 


Start to implement what you learn and watch your business grow!

Start to get the clients you deserve that love your products and services!

 I am convinced what has worked for me will work for you! However, if you are not satisfied for any reason within the first 30 days I will refund your money. Better yet, cancel at any time!

If I can do it in my business you can do it in yours. And no matter what, your investment is fully guaranteed with my money back policy! So now it's time to take that next step. Click the button below, and let’s get started right now.

Don't leave the growth of your business to hope or randomness. This is your year of social media and lead generation-mastery!

Let’s face it; no one wants to work hard without seeing some kind of reward. That is why I want you to get your social media working FOR YOU and take the stress off! Let me show how easy this process can be with my proven system that gets real results – guaranteed relief from posting and getting no return on your investment.

My coaching has helped so many businesses just like yours grow their revenue by leaps and bounds. Don’t let something as simple (but essential) as lead generation on social media hold you back. Get my proven strategy that works!

Customers reviews

What are others saying?

Aimee helped me fill a webinar in over 100 people in just days. No paid ads. Just content and strategy. She also helped me sell out of products in just days. She definitely knows the secrets and proven strategies for success in digital marketing and social media.
Carly Neubert
Healthy Habits Living
I feel so excited that I found Aimee!! I struggled to get traffic to my blog and make and income. Now I have a solid business that is supporting me!
Sandy Howley
Life Coach
Aimee is really easy to work with. She helped me create my customer journey which was really helpful for building my funnel for my business. She is a good communicator and has a positive attitude. Even though I did not have all the answers, she worked with me to dig for them and was patient as I worked through this."
The Scrum Boss
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