Do you choose money over passion?

Have you ever found yourself in life having to choose between making a lot of money and following what you really love to do instead? There are many people who choose to go after money and find that they feel “trapped” in a career they wish they could reverse. Maybe they work long hours, it’s unfulfilling and not what they truly wanted to do with their lives. The good news is that it is never to late to change and head in a new direction.

This week I shared how I faced a similar decision when it came to my spa product business. I had to decide what was it that I was really passionate about and what did I want to fill my time with or did I just want to make a lot of money? Sure it is nice to make a living or even extra money if you can, but when it comes to where we put all of our energy we must decide carefully. So how do we make those decisions? Here is this week’s YouTube video to find out.

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