How To Get Rid of Bad Memories

This week I decided to change my focus a bit and provide some practical solutions around dealing with bad memories. So many people are held back by their past, they play the same movies in their minds over and over and the emotions that are associated get stirred up. This can hold them back from moving forward.

This was certainly my situation after being in a major car accident. I was plagued by nightmares of crashing into a car over and over. Then I went through this same type of process and it eliminated the memory and emotions for good. It’s my hope you will have similar results!

Many people have heard quotes like “take every thought captive’ , ‘cast down every vain imagination”, etc. Often times people are told to just read the Bible and that this will remove these bad memories. But I believe although this can be helpful, when it comes to traumatic experiences we sometimes need practical steps to walk us through this process. To have a way to cast down vain imaginations, a way to forget the past and look to the future. So this is my practical advice.

On a side note, I have seen some groups use a process that Freud established where you play out your bad experience which often includes acting it out like a play. In some popular circles this is called Sozo probably to make it sound spiritual when it really is basic psychology. This process can be helpful, but generally takes years to get full relief. However, this process I talk about takes just a few minutes.

This week I help you reverse emotionally what has happened to you so that negative emotions will not creep up every time you have a memory. I also show you a way you can make it harder to recall bad memories. Results are of course different for everyone, but it does work for many people and in some cases those who have struggled for years.


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