With The Help Of My Coaching, You Can Guru Yourself OVERNIGHT!



Set yourself ahead of the competition, become an expert in your field, become a guru for your niche overnight! How do you publish a book and it become a New York Times Best Seller? Do you get some sort of extra luck that will set you apart, do you need to be famous, how does an average person become the top in their field overnight? The answer is not what most people think!

For a long time now you’ve probably had that elusive dream of publishing your very first book and if you allowed yourself to dream even bigger hitting the top best seller lists. The thought of seeing your own book for sale online on Amazon or even in bookstores is one of those big life accomplishments that can mean the world to you, and if your book was a best seller the feeling of accomplishment would be amazing. But as you step back from your dream and into reality, you begin to think that actually publishing a book (and all the steps that goes into it)…can be downright complicated and intimidating. Yet it is the major key to becoming an overnight guru in your niche! It has the power to give you a new career, speaking engagements, open the doors to new opportunities, financial increase and so much more!

Well, I’m about to show you that it doesn’t have to be so intimidating…

Introducing How To Guru Yourself Overnight! In this complete “all-in-one” course, you’re going to discover all the step-be-step instructions you need to not only publish your first book the RIGHT way, but it also includes all the tools you need to get your book published.  In fact, you’ll be shocked at just how easy the entire process can be when you have the right action plan!

You’re going to learn everything you need to successfully publish your own book, just like I have many times over. I’ve not only “talked the talk” when it comes to book publishing, I’ve “walked the walk”. Now that I’ve had big success in the book publishing world, I want to help YOU do it right (minus all the mistakes I learned along the way!) I have learned the strategies of publishing a best seller and I have provided these well kept secrets to you so that you can plan out your personal strategy!

And the best part, YOU will be in the driver’s seat of the entire process, making you the one who is in full control of your own success. When you see your gorgeous and beautiful book for sale on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, you’re going to be absolutely blown away by just how good it feels. If you choose to become a BEST SELLING author, imagine how amazing you will feel, the sense of accomplishment and pride that goes into an amazing achievement like that!

In fact, you’ll wish you’d published your first book even sooner!



What others are saying about the course!

This course provided everything I needed to bring my book to completion. Thank you Aimee! So with Aimee’s help I have published my book, traveling and speaking and making my dreams come true! – Norvel Rohrer, Minister

I purchased another course that I paid $2,000 for and they didn’t offer half of what is in this course! The course I paid for only offered an option to get my book on Kindle, nothing more. They claimed I could be a best seller but discovered, after taking Aimee’s course, to be a New York Times Best Seller you must have your book in stores. The competitor’s course told me to outsource things like formatting my book, while Aimee teaches you how to do it yourself. While Aimee provides a real marketing plan, with a ton of ideas to get my book distributed, the competitor just told he to use things like Facebook, an email list etc. but offered no real way to build up my following. This course is by far better than the competition’s! – William Randolph, Life Coach, Author


I had waited years to step out and start fulfilling the dreams I always had, I wanted to be a published author and be the best in my field! I didn’t know where to start and with Aimee’s help I was not only able to put a strategy together for my success but I was able to become the professional speaker I always dreamt I would become! – Sarah White, Business Consultant, Public Speaker, Deloitte




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