How to make $1,000 a day online without depending on Amazon

Make $1000 online
Make $1000 a day online

Do you want to take your business from zero dollars a day to $1000 a day online?

There a couple of vital things that you need to have in place if you want to grow a product based business to making $1000 dollars a day. If you have, say, a product on Amazon or you have a product on Etsy or Shopify, you’re probably getting about a 2% conversion rate at the most, right?  If somebody goes out there and searches on Amazon, you’re depending on that search. They’re going to go out and buy the best product they can possibly find for the cheapest amount that they can possibly pay. Then, you’re just kind of competing with price and rating, right?

How can you step out of that and begin to get more sales, aside from just creating an ad and driving them to your listing?

  1. You need to create a separate website. You want to actually set up a store that you manage. Now you can easily do this with something like WordPress and just incorporate an eCommerce store on there and then you just add some of your products. Yes, I know. It’s taking you off of those platforms, but I’m going to show you how you can actually being to bring traffic to those products and why this is important.
  2. Use the Facebook Pixel in your ads. Now if you have ever heard the word Facebook Pixel.  One of the wonderful things that the Facebook Pixel does is that it tracks where people go on your website. So you can actually create an ad and let’s say you’re out there and you are selling clothes online and you create an amazing blog that you put on your own website that has your eCommerce store on that site as well and you then pay to promote your blog post that’s all about fashion and all about how to be stylish this fall. Then you target people on Facebook that would be interested in that blog post. Now the people that click on that blog post will then be pixeled. It will actually created a list of all these people that are interested in that content.

For this first stage, all you’re doing is you’re paying to promote your blog post. You’re “pixeling” everybody and it’ll create this list for you. Then what you do, you go back and you can actually run an ad to those individuals that were interested in the blog post. Maybe the next thing that you promote to them could be your online store or it could be that you promote something that is maybe not as expensive. Maybe it is a download to get their email address. It’s all about building relationship and really taking that one on one experience somebody would have in walking into a store and bringing that online.

When you give them the information, the blog post for example, you’re building trust with them. They’re going to say, “Wow. This person really understands fashion and I really, really need help in that area.” Maybe they subscribe to your blog post. Maybe they want to be in your email. You can even put at the bottom of your blog post an option to download something or subscribe to your newsletter. Chances are, you’re going to get a very small conversion on that, but it’s still kind of nice to have. Then what you can do is actually take that same promotion, retarget them and just target that one download, for them to get that one download.

Once you get people in your email list, then you can begin to continue that conversation with them and continue to get them to visit your store.

If you have an Amazon store or something like that, you don’t want to send them there. You want to send them to your actual eCommerce website. Then what this does is that once they purchase a product, it gives you the option to say, “Hey, you just bought my product. Now get another of the same product for half off.” They’ve already put their credit card information in and they’re already going through the purchase process, you offer up to them a half off, get another one for half off.

Then of course, they’re thinking, “Wow. I just paid full price for this. I’m getting one for half off. I’m going to add that to my cart.” Then you can even upsell them again and say, “Hey, you just got one more. How about two for even less money?” Then have them add that. Then by the time they check out, you’re actually making a way larger sale than just the initial product that you’re promoting. That begins to increase your revenues. Instead of the 2% conversion, you are now,getting a list of people that are consistently interested in what you have to offer. You are building a community of people that are interested in fashion, for example. You are gaining a customer base where you actually have their email address.

Now you can also let these people know that, “Hey, by the way. I also have an Amazon store.” Maybe they want to take advantage of ordering from you from Amazon, for example, because they want to get it faster or maybe they’ll go back to your website because they want the cool deals. The reality is, is that if you just depend on Etsy or Shopify or for your sales and traffic, you’ll never really pass that 2% because you’re really limited in your ability to market.

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