How To Overcome Overwhelming Loss and Create A Compelling Future



How To Overcome Overwhelming Loss and Create A Compelling Future

Have you ever found yourself in a place in your life where you felt like you lost everything? Maybe in the process you felt like your identity had been lost as well? Well in this podcast I talk about how to overcome overwhelming loss by creating a compelling future. I share the seven steps to creating a compelling future that Tony Robbins often uses in his coaching to help people who are suicidal to regain hope.

One of the tempting things to do in life is to stay in a state of loss because there are some emotional benefits. Loss f hope makes us feel cared for by others and releases us from responsibility. So when we begin to say “I have lost hope”, it is really a way of relinquishing ourselves from responsibility instead of taking action. Below are some key points I cover in this podcast.

Some other benefits of despair are the following:

  1. It reduces guilt because it feels like a form of penance
  2. It brings sympathy and love to us
  3. It justifies abandoning relationships
  4. Excuses us from avoiding responsibility and delegates that responsibility
  5. It is a way of punishing others that feel they must help but they will fail
  6. Make it difficult to leave because it would mean abandoning a desperate person
  7. Justifies addictions
  8. It is a way to dominate others

Once we realize that it is harmful to stay in a state of despair we have to shift ourselves into a creating a compelling future. The seven steps to walking into creating a compelling future are:

  1. Evaluate your initial response to your loss
  2. Define what needs you have that you want to satisfy
  3. Understand the side benefits of staying in despair (listed above)
  4. Define your true purpose
  5. Find multiple ways to achieve your purpose
  6. Shift your body
  7. Create a compelling future

As humans we all have six basic human needs that drive all that we do and how we find fulfillment, they are:

  1. Certainty
  2. Variety
  3. Significance (being worthy or important)
  4. Connection/Love
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution

When you find yourself in a crisis mode of deep depression because of change and finding your needs are not being met you want to focus on growth and contribution which are the spiritual needs. These will help you to grow into a new purpose.




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