How To Scale Your Business Online FAST

When it comes to an online business, there are three key areas that we really want to target initially to make sure you can expand your business.

Delivery: The first thing you need to decide upon is what product you are going to sell.

Let’s say you’ve got all this knowledge in your head. Well, you need to unpack all of that and begin to package it up and begin to create some products. Next you want to get a virtual team in place, and so we’ll talk a little bit about this, but you really want to get to a point where you have freedom in your life, and to create freedom, you need to be able to have a virtual team in place, and some automation.

Marketing: The fastest way to scale your business is by focusing first on three things.
  • First is your sales funnel, which could go to a webinar, it could go to a download, it could go to something that you offer, but you want to get that sales funnel up, and you want to get people in that sales funnel because a lot of people have sales funnels. I’ve coached a lot of people that say, “Aimee, I’ve got all the fancy tools.” But you can have all the fancy tools, but have nobody going into the sales funnel, so we have to be able to get people in that.
  • Second, you need to establish your authority. You want to be able to be set apart in your niche as somebody that knows what they’re doing, so there’s a couple of ways that you can do that, and we’ll get into that a little bit.
  • Third, you want to then automate your marketing, so you don’t want to be out there where you every single day have to do something to market your business.
Conversion: Then we want to talk about converting of your clients. This will happen through:
  • Auditioning or interviewing your clients. I do not accept everybody as my client. If somebody contacts me for my coaching, I interview them, because I want to determine if we’re going to work together well, if my programs fit them, if I feel that they’re going to succeed with what I have to offer, if I feel that our personalities match. All those things are so important, right?
  • You really want to get webinars set up.
  • You really want to master speaking at events. This is a process, of course, and you can start out for free, and just volunteer, you can go to meet ups, you could go to other small events.

Net let’s determine if your business is ready to scale online:

Step 1: Ask yourself: If your business grew 10 times overnight, what would break first?

If your business grew overnight would you break? If you would break you aren’t quite ready to handle the traffic. If you could deal with it and just get some more help like customer service, then you’re okay, but you need to be doing something more, right? If nothing would break, then you’re in the green. You’re good to go, you don’t have to focus on that area.

Step 2: Content:  What do you have in the way of content?

Make sure you are prepared with knowledge that is packaged up. This can look like a book, an online course, a 12 month mastermind etc. You want enough products that will keep your business afloat.

Step 3: Do you have a virtual team? 

How much time do you get to focus where you are the most talented, that you can bring it, and this is where it’s going to produce the most financial benefit for you, where you are thriving in your best talents? You really want to assess that. If it is four days out of the week, you’re doing good. If it’s two to three days, you’re going to really want to think about outsourcing more, and getting some more automation going on, and hiring some people, and outsourcing a few things.


Step 4: How many leads are  you getting?

If you are getting 100 the 300 leads a month, you’re okay, but you probably should be doing something about it. If you are getting about 500 to 1,000, you are in the green, you’re doing good. If it’s any lower than that you are in the red, and your business is not going to survive. You absolutely need more leads.


Step 5: Measure your authority level:

How many people are on your email list, and your social media, who gets your content when you publish stuff? If it’s 1,000 or less, you absolutely have to do something about it. You are in the red. If it’s 1,000 to 10,000, you’re doing okay, but you really should scale up, and if it’s 10,000 or more, you’re doing great.


Step 6: How many processes are automated? 

How many of your processes are automated so that they can keep on going on without you doing the emails, sending the messages, doing all of that? You really want to get your business to the point where everything’s automated. Like my schedule, my coaching, my podcast, everything is automated. I don’t have to send a single email. All of that is taken care of for me. I don’t sit there and spend all this time, “Oh, when can this person be on my podcast? I’ve got to figure it out.” We go back and forth, back and … No, none of that.

My marketing, everything that is promoting my business and all of that, it’s all automated. There are certain things I have in place that are consistently advertising my business, and getting me leads, and all of that. These are the areas that you really want to assess, especially when you are maybe starting out, or you are a smaller business and you want to scale up. These are kind of the areas that you want to start to think about.

Hoping this information is helpful to you in scaling your business online and determining where and how to grow next!

If you need a coach, you schedule a free consultation here, and I will see if you are a good fit for what I have to offer and if I can help you. The other thing is that if you want me to walk through this process with you in really assessing your business, I can do that as well during that meeting.

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