How To Sell Online Courses

Why your online course is not selling . . .


There are so many different people out there that provide help to build an online course but what they’re not telling you is that it is not that easy to sell online courses.


When I sold my very first course I did really well by accident . . .

I didn’t know why what I was doing worked so then it made it impossible for me to replicate later on.


So today I am going to give you a couple of the top mistakes made when trying to sell a course and how you can change your situation from no sales to making sales. 


Let’s talk first a little bit about that why your online course might not be selling. . .


1. You don't have traffic going to your online course that include people that know you that love you that you've built a relationship with

I think that’s one of the number one things that people miss on social media that social media is all about building relationships and that’s why you create videos that’s why you create content because you’re building relationships with people.  You’re helping people get to know you and be aware of what you have to offer.


If you don’t have a social media community built it is going to be very difficult to get people to buy, just learning who you are in the moment.

2. Your sales copy needs improvement for your online course sales page

If you have a community of people to sell your program to and maybe you have an email list already built up and it’s not selling it could be that your copy is just not working.


 Could be that you are focused on the wrong topic that it’s not really something that people are struggling with, or your wording can be completely off and that could just deter people.


3. Your Pricing Is Off For Your Online Course

It’s very difficult to price things I think in general and everyone struggles with this but what I suggest is to do a little bit of industry research and see what other people are charging and try to be somewhat competitive to what other people are charging out there.


It also really depends on what solution your course provides. If you are helping people make money in some way clearly you can charge a lot more money because you’re going to help them make money.


If it’s not something that you are offering as far as money goes you might want to reconsider.


Now I do know life coaches that charge $6,000 for just a couple of months of sessions and some people buy that. They just focus on selling their products to maybe three or four people throughout the year.


I think that it is easier to find people that can afford lower prices and then you just go after the quantity. Also easier to grow a presence online and a community online with people that want to buy things from you than it is to go out there and find the few people that can afford $6,000.


Also remember that if you charge high prices you have to be able to bring a lot of value, have a lot of proven results.

How To Use Surveys To Sell Your Courses

If you’re struggling to sell an online course, the first thing you can do is go out and begin to you survey your audience.


One of the books that I love on this topic is called “The Ask Method” and if you read that book or you get the audiobook there’s an actual script in there of an email you can send out in an initial email.


If you do just the first email he provides and you survey your community you can get the terminology that they use how they describe their problems. They will tell you the biggest things that they’re struggling with and then you’re able then to determine if your product or service is answering their problem and if you’re communicating it in the right way.


It will also tell you if they understand that your products and service services are solving their problems.


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