How To Write Facebook Ads That Work

How do you write effective sales copy for a Facebook Ad that people will click on?

I think that this is something that a lot of people struggle with, it's one thing that I really had to take time to learn when I started my business online, and really learning how to get things to convert.

1. Ask them a question

If you're doing a Facebook ad, and you are paying to promote an ad, and it comes up in somebody's newsfeed, they're going to have a zillion other things they're looking at as well, and there's going to be a ton of other people that are advertising along side your advertisement. So, you want it to stand out.

One way that you can make sure that your question stands out, is you can connect that question to an emotional need that they have. Maybe it's frustration around something, maybe it is just simplifying something.

Whenever we buy something from somebody, or download something from somebody, it is to what? To resolve an emotional issue, or problem that we're having. It could be frustration, it could be just wanting the information in one spot, it could be a zillion different things, depending on the product that you are really promoting.

2. Share your story

Now, everybody that has a solution for something has gone through the process of first not having that solution. So, you want to share with people your story, and the process that you walked through, before you actually found the solution. This is going to allow people to understand that you understand them, you understand where they're at. How many times have you gone to somebody's website, and you're like, "Wow, I wonder if they have the solution for me?" But you read through what they have to say, and you're not quite sure that they're where you're at. Maybe you know a little more than what they are saying that they know, maybe you just aren't able to weigh where they're at, and if their information's going to be valuable to you.

3. Your Aha Moment

You want to explain the moment that you found the solution. What was the turning point for you, when you found that solution, and how did it transform your life, how did it transform your business, how did it make an impact for you?

4. The Prescription

You want to give them the solution, the prescription, what was it that solved the problem. And it may be that you're offering a download, it may be you're offering a checklist, it may be that you're offering a webinar, whatever it may be. And you can say, "In this download," you want to tell them what you actually are offering them, if it's a download, if it's a webinar, if it's a course, whatever it may be that you're giving them, you want to say, "In this download, this checklist, you're going to receive x, y, and z." And that's really going to allow them to determine if your download is for them. Then you want to make it really, really, really, really, really easy for them, and you want to include a link.

5. A Clickable Link

So, a lot of times people will create a Facebook ad and they will put it up there, and they'll have the little button that says, "learn more," or, "download." But they don't put the link in the actual copy, and a lot of times that's going to be a deterrent. You want to make it easy for people to click and download.

6. Lead them to a landing page

Then the final thing that I want to mention, when you go and create Facebook ads, very specifically, is you don't want to just lead people to a website and you don't want to just lead them to purchase something. If you do that, you're giving them too many decisions.

For example, if you have an Amazon business, and you did a Facebook ad, and you led them directly to your storefront, well, you're giving them too many options, because at that point they could think, "Oh wow, I need to do some shopping on Amazon. I don't really want this product right now, this can wait for later, I'm going to start looking at other things." So, you're really just driving traffic to Amazon, and not necessarily to make a purchase. If you just drive them to your homepage, that gives them way too many options to choose as well. So, you really want to drive them to a landing page that gives them that specific offer, with one option only, to download it. Then, from there you begin to build your relationship with them over time, in order for them to then finally make a purchase. Or at minimum offer a coupon they can download and then go make a purchase, in which case you can stay in contact with them to keep them as a client.

So, if you sell something on Amazon, for example, you do a Facebook ad, let's say you drive them to a landing page where you give them a download for free, right? Then you begin to build a relationship with them over time, and you give them value around that product, until they trust you enough to be able to purchase from you. It's all about building relationships.

Now go write some ads that convert!

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