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Have you ever had a dream but no money to allow it to become reality? If so, you are not alone.

With so many marketing schemes out there it's easy to think if you just write a blog, post on social media and create it somehow you will succeed at also making money. In fact, I have heard many claim you can do this. Yet this is a false assumption and I faced this when I tried desperately to build a nonprofit for 8 years.

I wrote three books, I traveled and spoke, I built a podcast with a pretty decent listener base. But getting people to support your cause and your dream isn't an easy one. I finally came to the conclusion that if I utilized my skills in making money, building businesses and helping C-Suite succeed I could produce something greater. A business that was both fulfilling and produced an income for me because I could offer what no one else is.

Yet I would not have been able to create my coaching practice and start to coach entrepreneurs if I did not first succeed in growing my own businesses to six figures in sales. I wouldn't have been able to succeed if I hadn't had my share of failures in business. I wouldn't succeed had I not spent seven years learning from the best of the best how to solve the problems of Fortune 500 C-Suite, and then do so myself. And I would not have had good enough experience had I not first spent 20 years loving on, praying for, and encouraging the hurting, helping those who had dreams to fulfill succeed and walking people through the tough stuff which is what I spent the majority of my free time doing. And I would not succeed had I not gone to school and minored in Counseling Psychology with a focus on Mentoring and Mobilizing Leadership. It is quite possible I may not be able to succeed if my dad didn't raise me up in Tony Robbins, and teach his material. Making sure I understood goals, vision and achievement along with sustaining happiness.

I share all of this because many believe that you can just go and become anything overnight. But without paying the price for what you want to accomplish you won't have anything of rare value to give. You can't just start copying what others say, because nobody will buy that from you. You need experience that teaches you what no one else knows. Along with this you need to be able to create income (which is where I see Amazon FBA as a good opportunity).

So lately I have been focusing on building a side business with Amazon FBA. I am not doing this because I think this will be my life long career. I am doing it because the extra passive income is nice and I wanted to identify all of the problems, struggles and issues people are facing in succeeding and solve them. Yes I have an underlining motive to help entrepreneurs succeed, and those that want to create a passive income so they can focus on building their dreams.

But I would not be able to do this if I didn't have the experience behind me, because I would not be able to offer anything new. For example, the fact that there are tons of people trying to get "ungated" to sell in certain categories when they just need to register with the FDA and it takes ten minutes. Instead, they are spending months or a full year trying to get approved by sending in invoices. Meanwhile, those that went before them also did things the hard way and thus everyone is.

So while I am focusing on Amazon, it is possible in the process I will provide some valuable information for any business. I am also deliberately documenting my growth on building a passive income on Amazon because I want others who have not known who I am (and that I have already grown a couple of businesses to six figures) to see the social proof of my ability to make money online in the open. Amazon makes that easy because of their app. I can't do that with my coaching, it just isn't as easy to do. And I can only show you my other businesses financials so much until you will say "what's new". Not to mention there are sooo many people I can help in this area that it really gets me excited!!

So this is my honest blog that yes I have a motive behind the documentation of me doing this. So for anyone who was worried that I might just be focusing on Amazon, I feel this is part of my journey in providing value and one of the best ways to bring what nobody else is. I have already identified several major roadblocks in the process and have found innovative solutions for them..of which I don't see anyone doing to date. This I will package and provide once my sales reach my target of about $10,000 in a month.

So if you are wanting to grow a business doing Amazon FBA but have felt uncertain if you could really succeed rest assure I will help. Or if you have already succeeded to a degree and want to help making a private label succeed my soon course on innovation to be launched can help.

I also want to state for those new to Amazon FBA. The fact is anyone that is saying they made a ton of money the first month is lying. Amazon holds your profits for about a month, so that is just not possible so remember this when you listen to them and their advice. Second, when you see a sales total, they are making at most 30% of that total. And from that still to be considered is the monthly fee, boxes, supplies and what you invest in merchandise. Remember, keep it realistic. Even with "passive" income it never comes easy. But I am hoping over the next number of months I can succeed in making it easier, pull back the curtains and help you skip over the mistakes.

What is your biggest problem you are facing in your business? Let me know and I could solve it on my blog or in a video!

Your Problem Solver,


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