If You Work Hard Play Hard

There is something I think that separates the true entrepreneur from everyone else. We all have this passion to work late or early depending on your personality, do what nobody else is willing to do in order to reach our goals, push other things aside when you need to and you love every minute of it. If you had to you would sleep in your car just to accomplish your goal. If you laughed at that well we both have something in common.

I posted a meme this week where I mentioned the number one question I get asked is “When do you sleep?” To which I reply “When do you live”. I have a very defined schedule/routine that allows me to get done what I want and achieve what I want. I use every single hour of my day very purposely. And it is not uncommon for someone to mention “you always are working”. But to me working IS fun and I want to be doing it.

But I wanted to mention a few things I also do in order to fill my life with variety and fun while I go after my dreams. So outside of any type of “work” I also paint oil paintings and love to sketch self portraits and currently have been on a Disney kick learning how to paint all the characters. I love to go to a ceramic shop and create something as well! Anyone want to dance? Every once in a while you can find me dancing a variety different forms of dance depending on my mood and what is happening that weekend. I have taken a variety of dance lessons and you just never know when I might want to use those skills. I am also a golfer and have been known to hit 200 balls in just an hour…no I cannot feel my hands the next day…but it’s the only sport I have been able to actually hit a ball so I love it. Just stand in the spot they said and swing, no I am not “good” at it…but I can hit the ball most of the time and that is all I need. So you will often find me at the range hitting balls and challenging myself with my swing or taking lessons. I also love to fish…I have a catch and release lake on my property and you can find me out there on a day that isn’t too hot fishing.  I am a basketball freak! And if there is a nearby game you can find me there screaming at the players. Haha I love yelling at games and I will not apologize for it. I am also an extreme bookworm and walk into a nearby bookstore you may find me sitting on the floor surrounded by books. And every single day I talk to my family for at least a half an hour or longer. I could go on for hours about all the variety of things I love to do.

My point is this, it is easy to show a tiny portion of your life online and not show all the things you do with your time and with your life. I think that some people actually do this thinking it will help others work harder, but the fact is we really do need a balance in life. And we need to make sure we take moments to enjoy the process. If you are nonstop working well…it’s time for a schedule adjustment.

I recently decided to add to my life one day or one weekend a month where I go on a mini vacation to another state or another city. To just be a tourist and have fun with no routine. I went off to LA a couple of weeks ago doing this and had a blast! I met sooo many people and I really missed the beach! Why wait to go and do things you have always wanted to? Sometimes we think we need to plan out a week long vacation before we take a break but the fact is that sometimes just one day is all you need. Don’t get in your head too much about it thinking of why you can’t just go, instead just go!

The problem with people like us is that we get so much out of achieving a goal that we can easily get tunnel vision. Hours pass by and you forget to eat, your family is wondering when you are going to come out of your dungeon of work and too often than not enjoying other aspects of life get pushed aside.

I have seen some entrepreneurs try to set certain hours where they are super focused and only work those hours. This works for some people, it really does. But you can also approach it the opposite way by scheduling your “non-work” hours and schedule as many as you need so that you don’t feel overly pressured. Literally block out on your calendar the hours you are not working and what you do during that time.

I know that if I start to take on too many projects all at once while forgetting to go have fun I get overwhelmed, feel massive pressure and then nothing gets done. That is when we hit burnout. But when you have a set schedule for “free” time throughout your week and the month then you know when you “have to” take a break. Because it was scheduled you don’t feel like it is an invasion of your work because you scheduled it. So then when you are working late to get that awesome project done or sacrificing a weekend to finish something you also have a balance of knowing you worked hard and then get to play hard.

We can so go through life and put all of our energy into achieving and doing amazing things that we forget to actually enjoy every other area as well. We can miss deepening our relationships with others, forget to spend time in the quiet alone with our thoughts (that scares some people), we forget to exercise or just vege out once in awhile. And today I want to tell you that it is ok do something other than work! The work will never go anywhere I guarantee you that. You aren’t a slacker, you are balanced.

There is a woman I know that works sooo hard that she is often not sleeping. She has a huge following and was feeling like she might let everyone down if she didn’t work as hard. I had to laugh because that was me just a month ago. But I had to just stop everything and go on vacation. Someone shared a quote “Don’t worry about losing followers, worry about losing yourself by pleasing others.” I shared this quote with her because it also helped me to be reminded, I am here to create value not entertain. So if someone un-follows me then it’s their loss.

So remember don’t hustle too much or then you just turn into a boring workhorse that nobody wants to be around. Work hard play hard! Now go plan your day off!

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